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Posted by Beam on 12/12/96

Is it possible to archive the boards to the web site? Especially the discussion and welcome boards.


From: Gail Thursday, December 12, 07:20AM

I wouldn't think it would be easy.

From: Haul Thursday, December 12, 03:36PM

It wouldnt be hard but it'd be tedious and rather time consuming, though if you wanted to have it updated every time the boards are updated it'd be kinda hard too.

From: Kaige Thursday, December 12, 06:09PM

I thought that I'd made it clear in an append to the post titled "Cleaning up, Sorting, and filing this board" That I was attempting to do just that. Perhaps not. It's been a wild week at work, I have not had the free time to do the rather simple html tediousness that is required to archive it to the web site. So far I have exactly the first two threads from this board done.



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