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Posted by Riptide on 12/22/96

Currently there is no reward for an unclanned character making it to '51' if you will. I propose that if an unclanned character makes it to 51 they have the chance to unclan their clanned characters. I do not think it is fair for only clanned characters to reap benefits for getting 100M and some clanned characters just can't get to '51' it just isn't a reality (specially for con fighters and str fighters that can't stun or flee). I don't see why this shouldn't be able to be in place. There is nothing unfair about it because the same person behind the characters is still putting in all that time to get to 51.




From: Haul Saturday, December 14, 10:59PM

If that reasoning held, that there should be nothing banning multi playing or transferring eq from one character of yours to another.

Moreover, it says something when you earn 100mil while you are clanned, whether it means you kill so well that you just reap xp, or just that you were careful and persistent with the clanned character, willing to take risks of getting killed while aiming for 100mil.

However, I do think it maybe interesting to see unclanned characters that reach 100 mil given the option to clan, and i think that might actually be interesting.

From: Daer Saturday, December 14, 11:38PM

If a clanned character prohibits the rest of a person's characters from clanning as well then i don't see why these characters couldn't do soemthing about it because its affecting them as well. This reasoning is a bit strange but i woudln't say that was the transfer of xp from character to character I think Riptide is trying to say that because the policy affects all the characters that all the characters should be able to deal with it.


From: Haul Saturday, December 14, 11:44PM

Very true...how about allowing another character of a player to clan if they archive the formerly clanned char for a month, maybe, and is not allowed to unarchive that char until a month goes by..?

100 mil is quite a bit, and by archiving a clanned char, you would only have one clanned char at a given period of time, technically...

From: Shemp Sunday, December 15, 02:29PM

How about a nonclanned who get to 51 getting say 10 noncolor coupons or 5 color coupons?

From: Rummy Sunday, December 15, 07:15PM

Hahahaha, 10non color or 5 color? what are you sick? Do you realize how many coupons would be floating around the mud? a while back, coupons were a very rare item, and people like karyn.. and somar (to name a few) looked like (can't belive i'm saying this) , well, they looked like 'gods' if you will.

Coupons have become all to common in the game.

This comment really didn't have to do with the original post, but i wanted to get my input into this coupon idea.. ;)

From: Shemp Sunday, December 15, 09:28PM

So whats wrong with a nice set of eq? And, if coupons really are "all to common" as you put it, why do you care if the prize is 10 or 20 for that matter?

Ok, heres a prize for getting to lev 51, how about actually getting to level 51? YOu get one more levels worth of hp, mana, mv?

From: BlahSnarto Sunday, December 22, 05:15AM

I think something that can carry over through a crash, DT, overrent would be more to my liking, maybe a Flagged text with your own personal saying on how you feel about making it to the big 51 etc etc etc

Again, just a suggestion

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