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Posted by Alvis on 01/05/97

A while back a player suggested that any player that reaches level 50 should be given a string. This idea was quickly ignored because it allowed to much abuse by people who would just level a char to 50 to get the coupon. I have another idea along the same lines.

When a player reaches 50, have that player be able to ask any PR immort to string their weapon(everyone has a weapon right?) to something that included the players name or description in the string (i.e. Alvis's Carrot) the inclusion of the name on the string would stop people from just trading eq to another char, also it would allow people to get their weapon restrung, because a level 50 never goes to a lower level and so would always be able to use the Namestring to restring their weapon after a DT or the like . and it would give a bounus to those who are level 50, but havn't gotten the 100 million exp level whois thingy

Just some thoughts from your bunny loving friend

Thanks Alvis


From: Haul Tuesday, November 19, 01:53PM

I basically agree, though I would think that having any of their eq strung would work as well. I am not really sure if it really would be a problem with players lvling characters to 50 everyday to get one of their eq strung, and then somehow find a way to give that strung piece of equipment to his other character. Besides, I think strung eq pretty much reflects that particular character, and if you saw somebody else with it, it'd be cross everything after and

How about making the newly strung piece of eq at lvl 50 like a make staff stave/cudgel of light/ice dagger, etc? with the option to get it off a corpse by a god..or since it was a free string to begin with, you lose it upon death? But offer more strings every 25mil xp or something, with a color string at 100mil

Haul. will never reach, and have never reached even 25mil

From: Mara Sunday, January 05, 03:07PM

I think you should just give a coupon for reachin' 100 million, as a reward and not worry about it getting traded, if it does get traded then they have traded a way there reward for something better. But too many people hit But too many people hit level 50 nowadays to give everyone of them strings


From: Mara Sunday, January 05, 03:11PM

but as a general rule, I do agree that strings are too rare, and that there needs to be way to get coupons for those who are not lucky/speed typers/or those that have the mud memorized. or for those that arn't speed typers and have the encyclopedia brittanica memorized



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