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Posted by Lethargio on 01/28/97

if you've been listening to me for the past...oh say, 2-3 months you could tell that I was having problems getting my eq completed.

Even if you have enough slots, sometimes its hard to find the right eq to use for yourself. Since this is a eq based mud, i think there should be more stat boosting eq in it. items that would make sence like a high +perc facewear or +dex armwear doesn't exist, so i think there is a lack of good stat eq out there on the other hand, since there is more areas being created, and with the skilltrees coming in, it that might change.

It might be better if the imms, when making a new area, would ask the players what kind of eq they would like made, it would be better Lethargio


From: Donelan Friday, December 27, 11:22PM

Since the imms ARE players, I'm sure they know what most of us want. I'm not exactly disagreeing with you, I'm just pointing out that the distinction between imms and players is very, very thin. The carnival eq is particularly neat, in my opinion, and fills a few 'holes' in the available eq spread.

From: Lethargio Saturday, December 28, 07:08AM

really? I'm all frustrated because i need this one item that would solve all my eq problems...suppose someone could mudmail me some of the new stat items?

I would really try to figure it out myself but since the sancs are gone, and my hps are less than 250 I would get killed and such and such...

From: Rufus Saturday, December 28, 07:22AM

Well, in a perfect world and a complete game we would have all the possible combinations of stat eq in the game, etc etc etc, but what we have is something that is not a finished product, and will never be. Therefore we are continually adding new eq and whatnot, and much of it is based of what players want. BUT... (the ominious big but...) We have a few guidelines for builders making +stat eq for areas...

1) the items have to make sense in some form or another (granted, not all items currently follow this, but they're getting better)

2) we want as much diversity as possible

usually the limiting factor is #1 since it's hard to justify many slots boosting certain stats (+mind footwear? that one would be hard one to justify).

From: Lethargio Saturday, December 28, 08:41AM

+5 spr ring, +5 perc face, +5 spr face, +5 dex face, +dex,+ spr arms, +5 spr legs one of any items here could solve ALL my eq problems...know any?

From: Lethargio Saturday, December 28, 08:45AM

well, +dex arms and HIGH perc face does make sence....

From: Lethargio Saturday, December 28, 08:46AM

currently, the only facewear that boosts +5 is a black lace veil, I think...correct me if i'm wrong

From: Manic Saturday, December 28, 08:23PM

yeah, even the most recently addition in face items is only +3 overall methinks that needs changing (unless skilltrees requires 30+ mind for any decent skills), still lacking decent con and perc wrist items.. (decent as in +5 overall) i find at 36 dex 63 con i can use +5 overall items in all slots for 100 dex using 1 cobra yet i need 2 bees to reach 100 con. golden torcs still aren't an option for me with sancs gone.. i'm carrying around very little besides +40 in mind gear and still only have around 200 rent free at lvl 50..

From: Ptah Saturday, December 28, 09:22PM

"still lacking decent (decent as in +5 overall)"... A +5 overall item is not a "decent" item. It's an AWESOME item. It's as good as it can get. It's rather depressing to see the high levels complaining that they o do not have +5 of every stat in every slot when the REAL shortage of +stat equipment (which I do not deny exists) is in MID-LEVEL stat bonuses like +2 to +4. Stuff that is truly decent, rather than spectacular. -Ptah

From: Tsukuyomi Sunday, December 29, 04:12AM

I still don't see why there couldn't be an "awesome"(+5) item in a slot where it would most make sence though...

Just wondering, Tsukuyomi

From: Ptah Sunday, December 29, 03:47PM

There is no reason why there couldn't be, except that there just isn't yet. :) I was just commenting on the "it has to be +5 or it's not useful" attitude that I detected in the previous postings in the thread.


From: Gho Monday, December 30, 01:42AM

if +5 was AWESOME how can a level 1 character scavenge enough money to buy at least 4 of them from the curio in london? sure i'm fussy, i don't like using +3 items when other types of fighters can have like an extra +10 stat points overall.. con is bad enough despite this.

From: Gho Monday, December 30, 01:52AM

oh and why is it that 99% of items out there are AC only? surely more of it should be like +1 to +3 on mobs that a low levels could kill so they can build up a decent set of eq over time rather than relying on higher level characters?

From: Beam Tuesday, December 31, 09:41AM

I agree with gho, more low level mobs should have +1 eq and +2. Also its depressing finding only 3 or 4 pieces of stat eq in a new area and none of it being +5. I've basically decided not to hope for any really good +5 eq, cuz it seems if its in the area it gets reduced in a couple of days, so its not always from the builders lack of trying to get good eq in. As for nobody begging for +2 or +3 eq its only because of the way its set up in 10's, just about everyone can juggle their eq around so that they dont have to use any of the smaller eq. After level 10 noone would use any of this unless it was all they could get. Another reason for more eq on low level mobs. As for saying there should be no mind gloves because it just doesnt make sense is a bit of a flimsy argument i think. Its magic after all and if a magician put a spell on the eq then it could do whatever. A black lace veil scream out mind to you? maybe we need a magicians skill to add 1 point to a piece of eq for 500 rent or 1000 even, or give +1 to one and -1 to another, for 500 rent?

From: Ptah Tuesday, December 31, 08:29PM

Regarding "it's magic, after all": Most of the +stat items aren't magical. They are not flagged with the MAGIC flag and are assumed to give that bonus because of some physical property inherent to the item. Not because of a spell cast on them. (If it were a spell cast on the item, there would be no +stat eq in the industrial era). Re: "There should be more +1 and +2 items" I couldn't agree more. However, players repeatedly tell us that said items are useless, so builders tend to get discouraged about making them, and not put them in. The ones that ARE in, nobody uses, as you pointed out. Don't get me wrong, we'd love to put in items that are of lesser plusses, but over and over again in this thread, players have stated that only a +5 seems to be worth anything. Then in the same breath they ask for more. I'm unsure why the same person says both things in one post, but... :) Re: "The good stuff gets downgraded in areas shortly after they are put in" Only if it's out of spec, or the builders decide it is undesirable for some other reason. We keep encouraging builders to make stuff that isn't +5, and so they make something a +4 and get yelled at because it used to be a +5, or isn't a +5 and is therefore worthless...


From: Manic Wednesday, January 01, 10:27AM

well, yeah you're right.. generally instead of going for a complete set of +1 to +3 eq at low levels i go for as many +5 items i can rent but that's mainly because i've been around a while and have help to obtain such items, usually have help in levelling because of the need for level eq and because AC doesn't really help much.. when i lose everything and there's nobody around to help so attempt to re-equip myself i do go for lesser +stat items and i'm sure they'll be a lot more desirable with skilltrees for the reasons mentioned above.

From: Beam Wednesday, January 01, 10:33PM

Sorry i guess i didnt specify enough in the last post. I do think that +5 eq is covered pretty well, there are a few gaps that people talk about alot, and with leilas new ring us players can see that good eq does make it into new areas. Putting these pieces of eq on quests and tough mobs will make them hopefully a bit hard to get, but I would think builders would be allowed to put 2 or 3 pieces of +5 eq in their areas. I don't think you should discourage putting this type eq in, I think your limiting it a bit too much. What I do think you should encourage is more creativity in low level mobs, caps on boggles being a good example. Instead of a store selling clothes that have very little ac, put in a good variety of good ac eq on mobs that low levels can kill. So I don't think that stuff under +5 is useless, it all depends on the char I guess. But to have an area with no +5 eq or to have a major quest item not be +5 is taking away some of the builders fun I would think. From a character standpoint finding a new area to have no eq that can help you is frustrating, but overall I understand that all eq in a new area can't be +5 and I do like seeing stat changing items on lower level mobs, Im sure some would like to see a eye doctor quest where you would get Prescription spectacles +4 perc 1000 rent worn on face hehe. But let me say i was just trying to clarify my earlier post a bit, I wasn't trying to bash on builders or anything I think all of the new areas are great!

From: Quetzalcoatl Thursday, January 23, 08:15AM

I look at eq as something to give a character flexibility. If this month I wan

From: Quetzalcoatl Thursday, January 23, 08:17AM

I look at eq as something to give a character flexibility. If this month I want to be a sniper and next I want to switch to be a full time surgeon I can b/c of the ability to use eq to wildly alter my character stats. This is fun b/c when you have logged in as many hours as I have you can get bored with your character and lose interest. Having all the +5 eq around here gives me the ability to add new life to my chars and a broader range to the things I can dabble in. Heh, I am from lima and can cast a couple spells even. Having the +5 veil for the face as the only "awesome" item for the face in some situations is a bit unfair lending advantage to those who need mind. I just think that for any given slot there should be a aproximate balance in eq out there to fill the slot. Then we can spend less time worrying about what we are wearing and more time playing the game. Also, seeing that most eq out there is +4 to +5 overall I would hardly consider it awesome. You may have had plans for some balance of eq, Ptah, but your builders threw that to the wind a long time ago. I have a list of over 140 items on this mud and it isn't even complete and 56% (I just did a tally) are +5 overall stat items. Sure they are awesome items but not uncommon.

From: Lagmonster Tuesday, January 28, 04:10AM

I personally detest using anything but +5 eq unless i am forced to, as i cant help but think i am being 'inefficient.' However, I would not mind using +3 or even +0 overall if one of the bonuses would be spectacular, such as +10 or +8, whatever, working it in more as a conversion gear as opposed to build up gear. I have a character that managed to put +5 or max stat gear for that slot in almost every given slot and to have those stats spread out truly nicely, but often i find being one or two points shy that I would like subtracted from other stats. Maybe we need not only +stat quests, but also stat conversion quests, where in the process of learning you give up something else. maybe we need customizable eq which can have a point or two shifted... As far as lower lvl mobs and eq for lower lvlers go, I honestly find nothing that makes a difference in those levels and am quite happy with HOL gear. It'd be great to have stat eq on somethings newbies could kill...rat tail +1 perc, cat claws +1 dex, whatever.


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