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removal of "over rent"

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Posted by Faia on 01/23/97

I recall Ptah speaking a while back about removing the "entire concept of over-rent". I think this is a bad idea for several reasons. For one, if you were not allowed to pick up anything if it put you over rent, how are newbies gonna make money off stuff if they can't get it? For another, I believe that being under rent is the responsibility of the player, and if they lose their items to being over rent, it's their own fault in the first place and they shouldn't complain about it. I think a better way to remove the threat of accidentally failing a save would be to remove or be able to toggle the ability to autosave but the mud would still save at points like transes. That way no one can complain that they were "Overrent for one second because the mud autosaved me", instead, they can be responsible for saving their OWN place in the game.


From: Ptah Tuesday, December 31, 08:35PM

Actually, what was discussed was removing that 1000 coin buffer where you can still equip stuff but are over rent, followed by a second barrier where you were over rent and could also not equip things.

Skill trees will bring a rent scale that is quite different; low levels will have a larger initial rent limit, and would gain more rent at a time, and as you levelled, you'd gain less and less with each level.

Being overrent will still be the responsibility of the player, but I dislike setting up a "trap" situation whereby you have full freedom to dig yourself a 1000gp hole to lose your equipment in. I'd prefer to give the extra rent without the trap, honestly.

Autosaving happens for a reason, and I doubt we'd remove it or give you the option to toggle it. If anything, it ought to happen more frequently. :P


From: Bulk Thursday, January 23, 02:37PM

What is the point of autosaves anyway? I noticed that some rooms forcesave you and stuff, but never really understood why it should, since deaths dont seem to bring you to the place where you last saved but from the last trans...


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