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balance of con/str/dex

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Posted by Leech on 04/13

just wondering if u had considered the following (with skilltrees): if dex fighters hit twice as often as others, won't they gain less benefit from a stunned target unless other fighter types normally only hit like 2/9 times? str fighters will recieve their standard double damage, double that again plus hit twice as often, have i got it wrong or is 100 con 100 str gonna kick butt?

From: Gail Tuesday, January 07, 03:19PM

You will no longer automatically hit stunned mobs, because of exactly that problem. Your chance of hitting a stunned opponent will be increased, but not 100%

From: Diet Tuesday, January 07, 06:23PM

I hope you take into consideration that mages have very low perc, and rely heavily on the fact that they _can_ stun opponents. Without hitting 100% on stunned mobs, mages (especially create mages with few offensive spells) will completely be destroyed by con/dex or con/str fighters. Unless you plan to make the magic stun spell different that err than stuns from headbutts, warycrys and backstabs (plus stunning skills). I assume you dont plan to change magic spells, so...hmm? Will this be the last of mages? Prolly not since cause mages still can blind/cure blind and clumsy and weaken. Please append. PS While you are evening out things, give create mages a cure blind skill once and for and even us up with those silly cause mage types. cast level: set to whatever create light is the spell could be: kere lak lak ex

From: Deirdre Wednesday, January 08, 05:51AM

You might note that it seems at least that what the imms are going by when they talk about balancing out dex str con etc is mob killing not pkill. This makes a lot of sense I think as most xp is gained that way, and considering the fact that theres always lots of imbalances with pkilling.

From: Gail Thursday, January 09, 12:10AM

Mages will be able to continue to be viable. In fact they may be coming out of it somewhat moreso. Dodge, and therefore perc will not be as important as they are now, so mages will still be able to hit.

Regarding pkill imbalance, I can't think of any major differences between killing a mob and killing a player. The basic point is to make all their hitpoints go away, while keeping at least 1 of yours.


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