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snipe command

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Posted by Lethargio on 04/13

how about instead of snipe being a id thing, (since its causing some problems), why not make it a command?

sniping, would be aiming your gun in the area where it would be lethal...what I was thinking of is that by typing "snipe (person)" I would prepare to fire for about 2 combat ticks, and then shoot, causing about 100-150 damage

maybe 75-100 after skill trees...

if the person moves during the preparation, then it would just say "they are not here" that way, i think it would be more of a realistic snipe, instead of killing the guy instantly once in the a while there wouldn't be any snipe flags, and you can do it over and over again, but the opponent would probably not let you prepare to snipe again (if someone does something to you during the preparation, you automatically cancel your action)

What do you think about this?

From: Tsukuyomi Thursday, January 16, 08:56PM

I think it would be hard to do so, since it takes for the person to stay in that area for 2 combat ticks, plus, if the person gets attacked because the other person notices it would be very hard to prepare another shot... but i think 2 com ticks is too short, how about maybe 3 or 4?

From: Psytrac Monday, January 20, 05:47PM

How about making those shooting skills just increase in percentage (damage-wise) and have simple additions of possibility to make the target bleed, headbutt-like stun, or disorient them (under skill trees, it would be equivalent to turning them around a bit so they are more vulnerable) instead of either monster damage or id? I personally think no one skill should be able to give you 'the chance' where you can practically win the fight with one lucky execute.


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