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EQ requests :P

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Posted by Bulk on 02/06

As far as I know, there are a few slots where stat bonus is extremely limited to only a few items, or mostly filled with not the 'optimal' amount of stat bonus (ring, arms, feet, etc). Most of my characters usually end up one or two points shy of 'cool stats' that would have too easily gotten if only a few more slots were as flexible as the held slot, or even the wielded, about slots...

From: Lethargio Saturday, January 25, 08:01PM

same here, looking for +4 dex face or +4 spr face...or maybe a +5 perc face...heh heh

- hint hint -

From: Beam Sunday, January 26, 01:03PM

I myself have often wished for items like these in general, but I think you need to keep in mind the balance of the game. In particular how a 5 perc or 5 dex face item would allow one to make a better char than in the past. You say to yourself possibly "Thats what i want to do" but remember there have been very many great dex perc fighters on legend, they juggled their stats and made do with what they had. Adding either of these too items, would cheapen there accomplishments. You might say well what about that mind piece of eq? Remember mind isnt available for all slots, and its fairly hard to get 100 mind if you dont select it near first in stat selections. So I would say we have plenty of good dex and perc eq. What we do need is good con, and str eq. Everyone pretty much knows how dex rules this mud, and in my opinion the best eq is dex too, builders tend to make what they think are nice items that people want, this led to there being some great dex eq being made. One might argue that str and con eq is adequate and all will be fixed after skill trees, but in one area i would disagree.

In the area of negatives dex eq truly rules. Have you ever noticed a good deal of dex eq is -spirit, one can pretty much wear enough dex for 100 and not have any dex eq with any negative other than spirit. This just isnt so chant meue drva ex str and con, and since spirit is mostly for healing and doesnt give much benefit while fighting this also leads to dex being the best fighting stat.

I would think that a better eq request would be to have eq that matched, dex in negatives. Like: a 8 str or con and -3spi item, and a 6 str or con 1 perc -2 spirit item. etc etc

If there is any rational behind dex eq being -spirit and str being mind or con being - perc, then I think this rational is what makes dex best. Even with the fixes being worked on with skilltrees, this is after all an eq based mud.

If anyone has any differing opinions or can explain this stuff to me, I really want to hear it.

From: Ptah Sunday, January 26, 11:12PM

There is no particular reason that there is so much +dex -spi eq. It gets VERY hard to balance it all out when there are literally dozens of items to try to keep track of.


From: Daer Monday, January 27, 04:36AM

Actually if you break it down there are FAR less items that are minus mind. However spirit comes in a close second i must say. then con, then per, then str, then dex. (least->greatest amount of - eq). Therefore if you want to get rid of dex, you have lots of opportunities in eq to do so, if you dont need mind and its just taking up needed stat points, then your in trouble. Basically the best way to figure out eq is to find out which stats you DONT need and find eq that subtracts from them and adds a lot to the stats you do need. Therefore: breakdown of eq from least to greatest again that is +stat (least amount of + eq to greatest): str and per come in a tie for lowest, then comes mind, then dex, then con, then spi. Spirit have A LOT more than str/per. Therefore with an extreme lack of -spi items and a ton of +spi items, maybe we need to look at heading that way eh? Just a little analysis ther >:)


From: Beam Monday, January 27, 08:15AM

Nod. I don't really feel its a conspiracy or anything like that, Just trying to point out a reason i think dex is overpowered that i hadn't heard anyone mention before.

From: Lagmonster Monday, January 27, 04:20PM

It was mentioned before...it was also mentioned that the only +stat specific quest where one did not have any kind of choice whatsoever happens to be the stat so much dex eq subtracts from, giving dex warriors more of a room to juggle equipment with...I mean, I picked spirit last, have 100 dex, and still manage enough spirit to listen,

From: Lethargio Thursday, February 06, 01:39AM

more face items...that is all I ask


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