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Posted by Leech on 02/01

Just wondering if/when the regen rate's gonna be updated, i only have 450 hp's and it takes 1 hour 15 mins sleeping to heal.. i do this like 5 times a day and is getting old, i'm just glad i usually have other things to do and are no longer paying by the hour for my net access.

oh.. another similar prob is HOL mobs, one can easily lose an item needed to max out their fighting stat.. HOL mobs take like an hour to repop, the player's practically crippled til the item's replaced and yet when the mob finally repops the item's eaten and usually not just once.. it can go on for hours.. I'm curious, don't you IMM's want this MUD to be enjoyable!?

From: Ptah Wednesday, January 29, 06:55PM

Regen rates have been under discussion, but there are no concrete plans to change them before skill trees. One thing to remember is that the value of a hit point will in many ways be different under skill trees-- and also that "only" 450 hit points reads extremely oddly--450 hps is a lot in our system, when compared to the mud as a whole (and not just to the manufactured hp monsters of today).

Another issue, btw, in slow regen, is tick length. When players leave 100 bandages in their clan hall, they are slowing ticks down... we zap out huge piles of duplicate mobs and items when we find them, and attempt to correct the bug--they do cause a lot of lag.

Lastly, I am not sure I understand what the problem is with the HoL mobs specifically. We're working on changing the mobs so that you can tell by looking whether or not they have the item you are hoping to get, rather than having it destroy itself on a random chance. However, I don't see that players could possibly be "practically crippled" by failing to get one item--if you are, then I gently suggest that you're not wearing a flexible and useful set of equipment--particularly if you are clanned. You need to be able to work in a pinch with the loss of _several_ items if need be.


From: Warke Thursday, January 30, 11:05PM

With a paralyzing-anything ending a battle in 2-3 rounds (more against a hp-monster, of course) I think there need be some changes made to compensate for this, at least in pkill. Mobs are fine, they last long even with a super-duper paralyze, but as far as the players go, if yer hit by a paralyze that lasts longer than a round, you are really dead...

Can we have it so only str/con fighters can take advantage of the paralyze (much more so then dex fighters would) or have paralyze not be random but depend on strength or constitution--healthier, stronger people do recover quicker, no?

From: Leech Friday, January 31, 08:58AM

so umm, why do regen even need to be discussed? they're obviously at LEAST half the rate they should be and should only take 5 mins to fix or is the coding that messy that even this would be a big job?

From: Gail Friday, January 31, 11:24AM

Well, there's a number of parameters, theres how many hp/tick you get base, per level, per con, there's making sure that we don't increase healing rates to the point newbies can't kill mobs, then the healing skills/spells need to be re-evaluated, etc.

Maybe you're willing to make random changes to the code and hope all works out for the best, I prefer to make sure they'll actually improve things.

From: Solomon Friday, January 31, 12:25PM

Um, this is something I didn't realize, altho is makes sense. You'll be changing regen rates for mobs too?

As far as healing spells being re-evaluated, can you make them more effect- ive, depending on your mind? Casting a cure light and netting 1 hp kinda sucks if you have 100 mind. Damage spells favor high mind, I suggest that you consider making healing spells do the same.

From: Ptah Friday, January 31, 02:30PM

There is no distinction between player regen rates and mob regen rates. They are exactly the same regen loop. So yes, any change would be across the board--which of course means that many might consider it pointless. :)

Breaking the link between mob and player regen rates would be a terrible idea, btw, because it means that we would be making the value of a hit point different between mobs and players. Things would quickly become much harder to balance.


From: Ulric Friday, January 31, 04:28PM

I have been thinking the same thing about the mind link to spells that solomon mentioned earlier. Please give a bigger distinction between 100 mind and 60 mind because besides stun.. there isnt hardly one. I really dont think spell level and your mind should compare the mind is much more important than how many levels you have known a spell. When was the last time that someone could do something that requires intelligence, being stupid as a rock, but still do it almost as well just because they had known how to do it for a long time? Heal, like many other spells, should be very affected by you mind.

Ulric, a 100 mind mage who dislikes 50-mind so called mages.

From: Lagmonster Friday, January 31, 06:16PM

forgive me, but not all the mages were super geniuses, tho with hard work, and practice, they could improve upon their practice...

but i do think it's ridiculous for a 100mind mage to net 1 pt in a cure light...is it pure random or is there a dice that takes mind into consideration? As far as cure light goes, thik we could lift the hp-dice (2d6?) and implement there, with 100 mind at least netting 9, and up to 13, etc.

From: Psytrac Friday, January 31, 11:08PM

just curious...why is it that hol mobs and the like rarely miss their regular attack? Even with 100 perc you cant really hit 100% of the time...at least for me, that is.

From: Solomon Saturday, February 01, 05:47PM

Heh. I don't suggest you make different regen rates for players and mobs, Ptah. I see where you're coming from. It just never occurred to me before. Silly me, I thought the universe revolved around me, and never thought that a change benefitting me would also benefit mobs. ;)

As far as getting more milage out of a high mind, it was my understanding that your damage spells were more effective if you had more mind, so that you would get closer to that 60-point immolation. I don't know what effect (if any) mind has on spell duration, but that would be another reasonable benefit. I'm not sure what other benefits a mage would expect.

Finally, 60 mind or 100 mind, a mage is a mage. In fact, a 50 mind mage may be -more- effective, cuz he can manage to boost his other stats a bit more.


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