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Posted by Mina on 02/21

I was just thinking, and since snipers are able to kill with one shot, I thin that since str fighters are at such a disadvantage, I think the should be given a high level skill with an instant kill affect, because it is only logical that someone swinging around a huge sword would be able to decapitate in one swipe. Even if it was limited to certain weapons, I still think this should be considered . And I also feel this would almost surely increase the number of strenght fighters out there, possiblly adding some diversity to the game. Just My 2 cents, Mina who knows more than you think PS. the lines are probably messed up cause I don't know how to write on boards

From: Morwynn Thursday, February 13, 11:13PM

I was wondering something else, how about for all those fighters who are more mental(mages) than dex str or perc/con? No mage spell can be cast outside the room of casting, and most don't even work in pkill situations...

So I know this isn't myu concern since I am not pkill, but if mages are given some spells that go 1+1room, or something, maybe there would be more mages?

I dunno I'm old and I forget things sometimes so maybe there is a spell that has an area effect?

Morwynn, Lost oldbie sage

From: Madcat Friday, February 14, 11:05PM

I agree whole heartedly about doing "something" or actually a whole lot of things to fix Str fighters. I don't know if this is it.

Let me give you an example... Jonah created by a crafty player, Was a sniper str who weilded a trident.

He had ID and a weapon that used a flame based spell and believe me my clanned never got "ouch that really hurt!" until I had that spell hit me just from a basic attack which in essence is automaticly landed and not something a mage has to time by casting.

If you add in ID for just being str on top of it, that would be overkill.


From: Bulk Saturday, February 15, 04:20PM

As far as mob-based killing goes, any type of fighter can dish enough damage when he/she has at least one other max'd stat..with my str/con char (20ish dex) being able to solo Diancecht at lvl 30, i dont think str fighters suck too bad...


From: Mina Saturday, February 15, 04:25PM

About the comment about the sniper/str thing. The easiest way to deal with that would be to make them from a hometown that can't use guns, like Klein would be good, since they are probably the hometown with the least benefits in my opinion.

Mina who has just begun to think

From: Aracthabar Saturday, February 15, 05:30PM

But all hometowns have a snipe affect in one form or another.


From: Psytrac Saturday, February 15, 06:31PM

Klein has access to all 2nd circle words, plus repair/forge, and i think it is one of the better hometowns to start in.

From: Mina Saturday, February 15, 06:33PM

I know Agrabah, Lima, and London have ID effects, but I do not see Tara of Klein with any is there something I missed here.


From: Point Saturday, February 15, 08:44PM

All home towns have the ability to access instant death in one form another if they wish to.


From: Fenrir Saturday, February 15, 10:30PM

Agrabah has access to 2 ID effects.
Tara has access to 1 ID effect.
Klein has acess to 1 ID effect.
Lima has access to 2 ID effects (though basically equivalent)
London has access to 1 ID effect.

But for all hometowns other than Agrabah, the stats required to access the ID effect is the same, as well as the effect and use.

From: Kahn Sunday, February 16, 02:08AM

uhm instand death should be taken out of the game entirely, if it doesn't work on mobs over 120k then why ahve it? Plus in pkill it stinks but I know there's already been a lot of discussion about that.

From: Deirdre Sunday, February 16, 08:08AM

The problem with str fighters and con fighters is that how good ones dex is determines things like fleeing, landing attacks, headbutts, bashes, which one does better with more dex and perc. Most people die on here because their wimpy, is is set to low, they get bashed or headbutted, or they fail a flee, most mobs don't hunt you and you can just go heal and come back later. I have played other muds where mobs hunt you only if they are in better shape than you, this makes things a lot more interesting. But as for str and con fighters, either everything you do skillwise bash, headbutt, flee etc be based on your fighting stat thus putting everyone on even footing and give them different type of skills, or make everything be based on something that isnt a fighting skill like perc, say how well you kick, bash, headbutt, flee and all the other type skills like this be based on perc alone, this would also fix things in my opinion, and a third option, would be to give con fighters more hp, str more damage, and this leaves dex fighters, and im not sure if leaving bash and flee and other things based on dex doesn't leave them on top. Con fighters sound especially bad too play to me, knowing you have twice as much hp as someone else but they are going to hit you twice as often, doesnt sound very enjoyable. Fortunately I've never had to play a str fighter but it doesn't sound so great either. One of the big problems is the classlessness of the system where you can pretty much try anything you want. Maybe if 100 dex had a max hp allowed, at say 250. I hate to say it but i think it goes back to a lack of limits in the classless system, a very fun mud to play if your dex, and playing with con till high level then switching to dex gives big rewards. Basically I think to make str fighters enjoyable you are gonna want to be to have skills based solely on str including flee.

The main thing is this mud is very fun to play, right now every class of fighters best weapon does about the same damage, the easiest fix I think would be to base each classes fighting skills on their fighting stat. Like is going to be done with headbutt. Maybe someday we will see some str weapons that doing twice as much damage as the other classes. One things for sure its a very complicated issue :P

From: Leah Sunday, February 16, 11:14AM

Most of these changes that you mention, the fight skills just for str/con/dex, the hp for con, damage for str, are all going in with skills trees. Str weapons do ALOT more damage than dex or con ones, perhaps you've not seen these str weapons yet?

As far as con fighters not being so great: I'm a con fighter with a whopping 34 dex, and I can and have killed just about everything that any dex fighter can and has killed.(and some things that they can't =) Con will be better after skills trees, but if you know how to play it right, it's not THAT bad now.

As for strength fighters, I've seen some do so much damage that its scary. Again, you just have to be sure how to play these types of fighters and break away from the standard dex types that everyone seems to fall into.

-Leah, con fighter and loving it.

From: Lagmonster Sunday, February 16, 09:57PM

Str weapons look nice, but when you only get soo many swings with them, they dont really dish out as much as I would like them to. However, since most weapons regardless of class allows you to technically reach damcap and stuff, I dont see too much of a disadvantage playing a str fighter--that is, as long as I land a friggin hit.

The main problem with less swings is that the mobs can "block" a successful hit, regardless of its damage amount--of the 9 hits landed by a dex fighter, they'll block one just as well as they would block one of the 3 hits landed by a str fighter--the str fighter here loses a hefty 15-19 maxdam worth o' swing where as the dex fighter only loses 6.

If anyone played MTG, I think str fighters, using their damroll, should be given a "trample" skill of sorts where not all of the 15-19pts are blocked.

As far as anti-mob thingie goes, like Leah said, you dont "need" dex to be successful. Just learn to use the specific fighter type, as strategies vary quite a bit if you want to play con or str as opposed to dex.


P.S. Btw, in pkill, low dex stinks.

From: CLeo Sunday, February 16, 11:25PM

Hmmm why not start by adjusting the cause ID spell. I personaly think the setting on the code is... well lets just say.. 'unbalanced'. Create mages have MUCH MUCH MORE success of being able to create a ID vial and throwing it than Cause mages have a chance to even successing an ID spell on a mob... even a beetle for crying out loud.

And I for example, I tried IDing a beetle the other day and was not able to... and I do have over 103mind on mind eq. So tell me... is this normal? Well I do not think so. The balance between the create and cause mages is, I would say, pretty much well.. good.

But if the ID spell could be balanced, it would be much more 'balanced'.

Just my two bits..

CLeo of the Circle of Angels.

From: Diet Thursday, February 20, 06:00PM

Not to go off on a tangent, but...
Create and cause mages are not balanced, as Cleo said. However, he left out the many reasons that they are not. True, create mages are much, much better mob fighters. You can use doppels, air sprites, you name it, and of course throw IDs. However, in this dex-based mud you cant hit a barn without 100dex (or close) throwing. So, a 100dex create mage can ID very easily. But so? You dont get xp, and some mobs like HOL ones eat on IDs. The truth about hte balance is, cause mages have a huge advantage (from a pk perspective, at least).

One thing, though, Cleo shoulda been able to ID hte beetle =P

From: Donelan Friday, February 21, 12:10AM

Cause mages are pretty good against mobs too. Especially if your 100 mind cause mage puts the mobs to sleep, then immolates it. That's a max of 120 hp before the mob gets a chance to react. Then you get beat on for a few rounds, calm it, then put it to sleep and burn it again. It's really too bad that burns don't work yet, the fire spells would be even better then. ;)

As for mobs, I don't think dancing weapons are that spiffy, but the undead make FANTASTIC tanks. Big, stupid, and tough. Let one of those take the hits while you blast the mob with immolation, or gust of wind or something.

In addition, the 100 mind cause mage can slay many mobs with instant death. I don't see too many high-dex create mages lobbing death vials around. I think that cause mages have a great advantage in re-equipping. Just get some easily available mind equipment and go hunting.

From: Lagmonster Friday, February 21, 06:16PM

Mages in general, with enough mind, seem to do more damage than neccessary...compared to other non-perc fighters, mages have the edge of being able to have a guarantee'd landing of their hits with a stun (provided they fight dumb mobs/players, but they're abundant here) which is more of an advantage than str warriors, who really have nothing to help them land their hits.

From: Gail Friday, February 21, 11:26PM

Well, dex fighters can headbutt, and usually get a stun thereby.


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