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Weapon Characteristics

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Posted by Lagmonster on 03/07

Right now, weapons are classified slash/pierce/bludgeon, etc., and are only affected by that one stat it is classified for. How about giving each weapon all of those stats, but instead, changing the quality of the weapon depending on which combat stat you want to use wielding the weapon. For example, a wormtooth dagger would be a q5 piercing weapon, maybe only a q3 slashing weapon, and probably a q0 bludgeoning weapon, whereas a trident could be a q4 piercing weapon, q5 str weapon, and say, q3 bludgeoning weapon. These classifications could lead to people wielding a weapon with their best fighting stat regardless of the type of the weapon (tho depending on the weapon, it could be not as effective) and/or the ability to wield a weapon using more than one fighting stat--if you had a huge warhammer, for example, you would use both str and con.


From: Mondain Saturday, February 22, 08:24PM

I think that lagmonster has a great point, I'd also like to see more enchanted weapons out there, such as a dagger or sword enchanted with see invis, or maybe protection from fire. There needs to be a larger variety of high level weapons out there so that everyone isnt wielding a wormy, baton, brahman, or trident.

From: Diet Sunday, February 23, 04:23PM

Yeah, it is a great idea! Maybe even some weapons (SL ones maybe) could be like Q4 for all 3 styles, and cast blind, ahh, kst kidding, it could cast weaken, clumsy and -10con randomly, and at a low percentage, so you would get not too many attackts (its Q4), but hte specials make up for it
just a thought


From: Drax Tuesday, February 25, 06:45AM

I think that these are really great ideas. I would really like to see more high level weapons available.

Right now all that you see are wormy's, Brahman, tridents, batons etc. There should be some more variety. If that involves making weapons magical or enchanted then do it.

The only problam I see, is that the mud is based on history. That maked justifying magical weapons a little difficult. But not impossible. (Excaliber for example) Just my 2 bits.

From: Morwynn Tuesday, February 25, 06:04PM

I like the idea of letting different weapons be made for multiple stats...but there is an inherent problem in this idea because many dex fighters(not all), but many don't have another fighting stat that is useful enough to balance

Or they may simply not be strong enough to carry a heavy weapon.

I do agree that some new weapons would be nice, I happen to like the one I have now, even if it lowers my total number of attacks


From: Rufus Wednesday, February 26, 05:38PM

High level weapons, I'm assuming you mean the higher rent, q5 type (and even some q4 type weapons I believe are some of the nicest in the game) weapons. Well, I don't have exact numbers in my head, but I believe that there are well over 50 q5 weapons in the game, just not all of them are the low weight (read: 5kg) weapons. As to spell affects, we saw the detrimental affect of having blindness on a weapon, and I don't think you will ever see a weapon autcast that spell ever again. There are TONS of autocasting weapons in the game and some you end up paying a fine sum of rent for. As to multiple Q levels for a single weapon based on wield stat, there are two main problems. The first is if a weapon is a q5 dex weapon and a q4 con weapon, how do you tell it which stat to use if say your dex and con are equal or your con is higher? The next major problem is that it would take some major rewriting of object code. I don't see a simple (honestly, I don't even see a complex) solution to it. There are increasingly more weapons coming into the game with a secondary damage type (such as Nuada's sword, hippo-hide whips, hound's bloody claw) that can be a different type from those that are the primary wield type of the weapon. Those attacks only get evaluated once and have nothing to do with your stat in them ( as they hit if any one of the primary attacks hits) -- it also alows for items to dual cast (autocast two spells). Honestly, I don't see differing q levels on the same weapon happening, I don't see a practical method for implementing it. As to the variation on high-end weapons, personally, I'd like to see more mid-end weapons as there are very few weapons in the q1-q3 range. Also keep in mind, people have, for a long time, considered a q0 weapon a mediocre weapon. Q0 is average quality, Q's can actually go to -5, though there are few, if any weapons on the mud with Q's in the - range. =) -Ruf

From: Warke Friday, March 07, 05:03AM

I know with 100 weapon stat (with no weapons skill) and a q0 weapon (the newbie club) you get 2 swings. Which makes me believe that as long as the weapon is light, a q0 with 100stat/expert should not be that bad if it had some kind of spell on it. If dual-cast can be easily implemented, what are the possibilities of having a detrimental weapon, say, that will cast immolate either to the target or the wielder, but lowering their rent? Or just having them cast immolate against target with random chance to sloth yourself, or whatever, but not having the killer 7k rent on them. About having multiple q ratings on a single object, maybe we could divide the wield command to 3 smaller commands for the weapon to be used with a particular stat. I was mostly asking, however, for a weapon that would let the wielder take advantage of a secondary combat stat that has been raised considerably, such as having 100con/dex, 100dex/str, 100str/con, etc., and some way to make up the number of swings on a heavier weapon if you had high strength. As of now, having 100 str alone does not even give you 1 damroll when wielding a 9-swing weapon, and I thought it was seriously unfair for damroll to disappear like that, giving a str fighter with a 9swing weapon no advantage over a dex fighter with 9 swings.


p.s--how exactly does "blocks an attack" work? does that eliminate 1 successful swing or a number of successful swings? If it blocks only 1 successful swing, more swings definately seem to have the advantage, even if simple math says that the total damage adds up. Also, how exactly is the spell-casting thing determined? Per swing? Per successful hit? Per round? I never seen two immolates in one round even after landing all 9 hits, so there must be a cap of some sort...

From: Warke Friday, March 07, 05:16AM

Also, the fact that ppl prefer certain weapons over others gets determined a lot by the stat bonus they give--if the black serpent gave me the same bonuses as the wormy, all my unclanneds would be wielding the serpent dagger... Some weapons like the dolch have good stat bonuses, but otherwise not interesting enough to use, or weapons like the wit (my favorite) that has good weapon qualities but lacking in stats/special effetcts. With the addition of more HoL mobs, can we get weapons that even give the same stat bonus, simply differing in q's or special effects?


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