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Posted by Lethargio on 02/27

Just wondering if it would be possible to make pkill enabled people lose less xp when they die...you know, so that it wouldn't take forver to recover xp like how i'm doing


From: Lagmonster Sunday, February 23, 12:17AM

I dont think 1 mil or 1/4th of you xp is too much to recover under usual circumstances--i.e, not being the target of everybody online, not being multi'd, etc. Almost every pkill char can reasonably recover xp given a day or two for each kill or so. Besides, unless something is provided to prevent multi, downgrading xp loss due to pkill death would only encourage multi.

On the other hand, i would not mind having pkill-enabled chars only lose 1 mil or 1/4th to mobs as well...nothing like getting multi'd by a wild boar or a pookah and lose an additional 2mil.

From: Leech Sunday, February 23, 03:45PM

Nah, 1 mil or 1/4's too much.. you don't wanna have to kill mobs for hours after each death from pkill, I dislike killing mobs so much I keep myself under 2 mil xp so the most i can lose is 500k xp..


- Leech AlwaysNearPerma..

From: Diet Sunday, February 23, 04:27PM

Well, I will take it one step farther, and I hope htis is changed under skill trees new xp scale, but 1/2 is too damn much xp to lose on one death. For a level 14, you drop like 60k XP, which in fact is approx. 2 and a half levels!!! I mean one death = over 2 levels? No way...I personally think it should be 1/4 for everyone...


From: Psytrac Sunday, February 23, 08:01PM

Hrm, how about upping the xp of a player? I personally think if the one dying is losing 1 mil, the one gaining should get 1mil as well...where does all that excess xp go anyway?

From: Lethargio Sunday, February 23, 09:09PM

well, for every time dying, that xp is equivelet of killing the vampire like about 8 times...also, I'm not a hp monster like most of you are, so that makes it even harder on me

after the skilltrees almost no one would be a hp monster, so I think it might be reasonable to lower the loss of xp when you die


From: Lagmonster Sunday, February 23, 10:27PM

Bleah, I only have 300hps and still can make up xp at a 'reasonable' rate if left alone. It's more the fact that you are not left alone when you need to make up xp that makes digging hard, not the fact that you have little hps.

From: Kahn Monday, February 24, 10:36PM

what you need to do is not die. -models 34 million total xp-

From: Dusk Tuesday, February 25, 03:41AM

I will have to agree on kahn on that one... But the biggest thing that I have come to understand about the exp, is that when you die, it MEANS something.... If exp was a joke to recover, dying wouldn't mean s--t. To join pkill is to accept the stakes... You gamble in other words... If you can't handle the 1 mil loss of exp, well then maybe pkill just isn't for you.

Downgrading the amount of experience one loses would make a mockery of death... Death is supposed to mean alot... so all i say, is avoid it at all costs...

Dusk the Deranged

From: Leech Tuesday, February 25, 06:36PM

bah, it's better to fight to the death than one of you seemingly dissapearring off the face of the earth. (ie. renting).. i'm tired of not seeing any action through being considerate to leave others alone so they can level pretty much on request. in other cases, they don't even bring out their clanned when there's any danger of being pkilled cos death sets em back too damn far.

From: Donelan Wednesday, February 26, 11:53AM

In my opinion, one death doesn't set you back too far. One of the first things you have to be good at to be a successfull pkiller is gain xp. If you can keep ahead of the xp loss, eventually you'll figure the rest out. :P

However, four or five deaths does set you back too far. Perhaps there are some who don't trust that one death will be where it ends. Perhaps they don't trust that some treasured bit of eq won't be looted for no reason but to punish or cripple them. Perhaps they don't even want to win, because clans muster the ranks to 'get' anyone who has the nerve to even attack one of their own and smash the one that didn't learn the lesson 'you don't mess with clan .'

Perhaps the 'aggressive' or 'expert' pkillers have screwed themselves, because they have run everyone else off the mud with these and other tactics.

Perhaps if people treated this as a game, and allowed the other player to at least get a new hand before throwing down their Royal Flush and taking the pot, you'd get more people to kill.

Many people seem to agree on a solution to these feelings: an agreement that all pkillers refrain from multi-killing and that they don't loot without an rp reason. If you're going to take pre-emptive measures to 'punish' someone for attacking you, or try to prevent them from attacking you for a while, or making them fear you so much they don't attack any more, then why did you clan?

I ramble sometimes. Sorry about that. ;)

From: Lethargio Thursday, February 27, 01:27AM

I wouldn't mind dying once in a while if I had more then 241 hps

I wouldn't mind dying once in a while if there wern't any grendels or phycho pkills roaming around the place like hell so that I don't have to worry of people attacking me unprovoked when killing mobs and stuff

Happens to me all the time,


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