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Posted by Ptah on 04/14

This is just to bring people's attention to this note I got today in mudmail. I'd like to see discussion of this issue reopened on the discussion board.

A small piece of paper from Cedar has the following message written on it:
I do not know what kind of mud you people are running around here.
I liked the reviews I read. I have had people from my site recommend it
I was under the impression that pkill was rp oriented here and not this
pointless hack and slash crap.
I clan and what happens..I get attacked by 3 people and killed for no reason
I get harassed by them with taunts and completely obnoxious behavior.
thanks a lot for the wasted time making this character and learning your mud.
I will be sure to pass on the info regarding the true state of your pkill
system to the mud pages.

Needless to say, the sort of action this disgruntled player threatens to take IS actually a very real threat against the mud. :( Recently, the immortals have discussed the issue of playerkilling at great length, and concluded that the atmosphere was deeply hostile and highly unfriendly, and that we needed to consider removing the feature from the game until a full redesign coul dbe done with skill trees. Notes like this reinforce this decision. Do any players have any counter arguments to offer?


From: Haul Tuesday, March 11, 12:04AM

I honestly think that incident could be as legit as anything. As far as that incident alone, i think the fault was in part of Cedar, (from what i read on onyx's post) as he did not bother to inquire further. Accidents happen in pkill and unless he was purposely multi'd, i see little problem with that...it seems like he was in a bad mood, got involved in a pkill situation, then proceeded to take the i-am-sick-of-pkill stance without bothering to even attempt at finding out what exactly happened, and name calling hence ensued due to ignorance of both/either party.

But as far as the general pkill atmosphere goes, I don't bother logging my clanned in anymore, mostly due to my dumb link, but also since not much can be predicted--somebody you trusted could just as well attack you unwarranted, without knowing how much the target values experience. Although it is my fault that i did not know much of the pkill package prior to clanning (like hp monsters, mana monsters, both, dex-ruling, blindness-ruling, power of perc,etc.) there seems to be something very wrong when I can't feel as if i could afford a death or two in the name of RP or 'style.' I usually find myself trying to save my life at any cost, given the hostile atmosphere, disregarding whatever RP i had planned for my character.

I do not think any of these problems could be fixed with codes other than like those used in medievia (chaos/neutral/good?) zones where killing can/can't happen or looting can/can't happen. But as that would restrict RP greatly, i am simply waiting for skill trees to even out the differences accrued by players who took advantage of the system to such a degree that not to part- take in them makes it impossible to play.

Haul...lotsa words for a char with 16 mind...

From: Lethargio Tuesday, March 11, 01:58AM

yep, I also wasn't aware that there were con leveling and stuff, I wonder today how I even got to level 47

I get attacked almost every time I log on, (well not as much since I'm kind of paranoid now) and I'm a rogue, so that would mean that theres absolutely no rp in that er, attacking me, that is.

still, its kind of hard to be exploring around level 47 and only having 241 hps in pkill, especially when your hear rumors of disgruntled players who randomly multi and loot and stuff (i hardly been to romania, in fact I hardly went to any of the new places, cause last time I went to the carnival I was unprovokely attacked and killed, then was blinded when i went to retreive my corpse, died again :P)

so what if I'm a londoner and had 50 mind since level 1,


From: Densiva Monday, April 14, 10:06AM

ive come to the conclusion that its not the system thats at fault its the people

they lack restraint and abuse there power and postions...

much as in rl.

my 2 cents.
Densiva, champion of Khorne


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