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blinding, and renting

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Posted by Ulric on 03/17

I was just thinking, has it ever been proposed that you have to ask an innkeeper to rent, instead of just typing "rent". I was thinking that this might solve the problem of pkillers blinding one another and then renting out and blinding, and renting, etc... It might solve the problem, but it also would make the blind spell MUCH more powerful than it is now.. I dunno, just a thought..


From: Ptah Wednesday, March 12, 06:23PM

Actually, we're planning on making all these sorts of affects, such as poison, blindness, etc etc, save when you rent in and out. Renting was never intended to be "SuperDuperCureCommand."


From: Diet Wednesday, March 12, 09:47PM

Cool, Ptah, I knew blind wasnt powerful enough yet. =P

From: Lethargio Thursday, March 13, 01:09AM

- chant - take out blind, take out blind...

yes, I know chant and surgery at the same time


From: Morwynn Thursday, March 13, 06:29AM

Okay so if you are planning to make blind carry over the rent, are you also planning n making ways to cure it besides dying?

Granted I may not be pkillable, but some mobs can still do blindness, etc etc...

Just a though

thought even...sigh...

From: Wraith Thursday, March 13, 07:14AM

I could be wrong, but it seems like there are ways to cure blindness, poison, stop bleeding and even heal burns without either dying or renting.

- Wraith

From: Solomon Thursday, March 13, 12:37PM

In the case of blindness and poisoning, nothing lasts forever. Not much of a solace for pkill, I know, but it is true.

From: Ulric Thursday, March 13, 01:44PM

How about the chance for a blind-backlash for cause mages trying to blind another pkiller (mobs too) and how about a chance of failure with a tulsi being added in to balance it out? Seems only fair since blind is a much more powerful 1 spell than a stun is, and stun has much greater consquences if you fail. Just another though.

From: Manic Thursday, March 13, 02:28PM

surely blind should be made to either wear off within a tick or 2 or not 100% blind as you are now so you can see forms and able to initiate combat with what you think may be your opponent.. tulsis hold 10 charges and a mage can cast blind a lot more than that, currently if you run out of cure blinds or quaff while fighting so unable to hold another before being blinded again.. you're as good as dead unless you can find an inn.

From: Ptah Thursday, March 13, 07:55PM

I never meant to suggest that I thought blind was fine and dandy. I tend to think it highly overpowered currently. :P But we haven't arrived at a specific solution yet. Discussion on it is welcome.


From: Bulk Friday, March 14, 02:00AM

Eq that prevents blindness (but at higher rent and -stat like the spectacles) would be a way to approach this. In general, there is nothing much a non-cause mage char can do to undo damage done by blind/clumsy/idiocy etc., and those spells tend to last a tad bit longer than they should. Even a tick can be long and gruelling given that a 300hp char only lasts for 10 rounds or so solo, and much less non-solo/stunned. Making blind have the same effect as having infravision in the dark, or at least granting inventory visibilty should be thought about (tho 500 coin rent per cure blind potion really is a bit inhibitive) or some handy-dandy way of getting rid of blindness/spell effects without renting should be available. All my char can do to prep himself is to get a sink cast by a friendly mage and even that does not offer sufficient protection against the damage cause mages can deal.

From: Lethargio Friday, March 14, 03:14AM


I know that theres ways to cure blindness, but only mages can do that with a spell, I think theres a cure blindness potion, but you have to be holding it to use it i think as if its not enough that we waste a slot holding a gun!

anyway, even if it the potion works, then all the mage has to do is to blind again, an then we are screwed :P

if you make a convenient prevent-blindness item, then no one would use blind anymore, so I think the best would be just to remove it.


From: Beam Friday, March 14, 08:40PM

Well i wrote a huge append to this but lost link before i finished, gee i hate that. but i got off subject onto pkill in general. So i will be brief and start another topic about the other stuff.

If any of you didnt know how powerful blind was before you clanned your characters, then you maybe clanned a bit too soon. I don't think a gunfighter should be thinking they can stand up to a mage anyway. And when you consider there are potions around, that you can collect to cure blind, and if you leave the room someone is casting chant meue vant lak ex on you they still lose the mana, then in my opinion you get plenty of compensation considering how much easier it is to make snipers than mages, ie not having to find all the teachers get the correct stats to learn the words.

You have the high perc which is practically impossible to get and still have the stats for deadeye or snipe. They only areas i see any problem are with follow, and create mages. A big advantage for cause mages is the ability to follow the person they are going to blind beforehand, so you probably need dash if your planning to play a gunfighter and probably herblore also so you can see invisible ppl. Or maybe a consent command for follow. If you have dash and herblore, then things are very fair for gunfighters. Create mages on the other hand have it pretty tuff in pkill, having no recall or cure blind. Its been my opinion that they should have the chant vina vant lak ex blind spell but no blind spell. Most of the trouble in the past with blind has been with gunfighters using tulsi plants anyway in my opinion. That and snipe giving any fool the ability to kill anyone if they snipe and rent enough times.

Blind snipe being removed i think pkill should be a lot better than before, but thats about all i have to say about blind, so i will start a new topic before i lose link again.


From: Lakespeed Monday, March 17, 07:16PM

First of all not being pkill, its alot different!

I seems that if you blind a mob that mob shouldn't be able to attack you untill you attack it!(self defense)

And if you can flee and reenter the room the mob thats blind shouldn't be able to tell he's agg on you!

It must be alot different than pkill because blinding a mob only causes the mob to hit once less per attack!

I agree that blind in Pkill sounds scary but being a mage i can cure blind in a sec!

It just seems way underbalance in Mob kills that it practically has no effect on the mob! a mob doesnt attack you when you clumsy,weaken or limn or alot of other spells,But when you blind a mob they growl with anger, At the person they supposably cant see?

That casted the spell on the mob! Can someone explain this to me it doesn't make sence to me!


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