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Posted by Lagmonster on 03/20

I currently have 340ish hit points right now, and with characters dealing about 90 pts in 2 rounds (just about) when stunning me, I last about 8 rounds or so. That is just enough for me to get 4 attempts at a skill, much less so when I am lagged (which happens most of the time) so combat is resolved pretty quickly. When dam cap gets lifted after trees, and my hps probably going down (according to the chart) it seems that pkill will generally last no more than 10 rounds any way you cut it. Granted that it gives plenty of time to run away, but there is not much to offset one mistake/lucky shot (one successful headbutt from my side usually does more damage to the opponent than in all the rounds combined, and almost the same vice versa), much less a time to recover from a chant meue lak vant ex spell (and presumably many other spells when renting is fixed). I was wondering if pkill was meant to last this short or if it was taking into account the hp monsters out there (who have just about double my hps), and if there were changes planned to have pkill last longer after trees.

From: Lethargio Friday, March 14, 03:11AM

auction unless the str fighter has a very high perc, it wouldn't hit too much i think

From: Lethargio Friday, March 14, 05:22AM

I have 240ish hit points, just so you all know

From: Lagmonster Thursday, March 20, 03:55AM

Just so you know, Leth, 240 for a dex fighter is plenty.


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