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new emote?

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Posted by Lethargio on 03/22

hows about an emote that lets you change your appearence? something like

if i type (whatever the command would be) is here, not knowing what to do

then if another person types look, then it would display 'lethargio is here, no knowing what to do', something like that

hmm, I guess long descs would lose its meaning if this idea gets approved...there also might be people who type 'is sleeping here' or 'is resting here' when they are actually not, but why would anyone else care what the person is doing? just a thought

From: Ptah Friday, March 21, 04:54PM

Well, it'd have a big effect on pkill, if you coul dmake yourself appear stunned at any time, say. :) There's also factors like having it override the furniture descs, or putting in nothing but a color code, and being invisible.

It's feasible, but we'd have to figure out ways around those obstacles. :)


From: Lethargio Saturday, March 22, 04:50AM

theres always coding it so that you can't type 'is lying here', 'is here stunned.' and stuff, even if they type it in a very similar mannar, the perceptive kinds will notice... or you could make it so that you cannot include any of the words like 'sit' 'rest' 'stun' etc


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