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Posted by Lethargio on 03/29

hmm, am I the only one posting here?

I thought that it would be a good idea to have a eq request board for people who need some eq, and they can get a response without having to repeatly request it on the auction channel

they could post what item they want and what they are offering for it...I think it would be more effective because that way it would enable the person to send his request to the people who are not there at the time too Leth

From: Stradivari Thursday, March 27, 11:32PM

How about an OOC board to discuss...just stuff we wanna discuss. Ya know ... politics, philosophy, science, music, or whatever. =) Stradiavri, [MM (CEO)]

From: Govan Saturday, March 29, 06:30PM

These are good ideas. Make sure you guys send this into the ideas log by using 'idea' just as you would chat or any other channel. This way you will be sure that your idea is recorded and will get the proper attention and consideration. This goes for all the other neat ideas you people come up with, too. :)



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