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Posted by Beam on 03/29

um, what they said on the welcome board. I agree completely aliases are very important, and some people cant just go out and get a client. Or can they?

From: Faramir Friday, March 28, 12:09PM

Yea, i made this message on the welcome board for a reason. I can't really use a client. My computer is way to slow and my server doesn't like ppp connections so well.

I think that there really should be alises added. I am at a great disatvantage, esspecially clanned if i have to type the whole spell esspecialliy vs. someone who doesn't. Not only in clanned as fighter said, but it has applications in other places too where it would be very helpful. Please consider this.


From: Lagmonster Friday, March 28, 05:56PM

the thing with mud-side aliases, i thought, was that they gobble up memory like nuts and thus lag the system. well, i could be wrong, but if that's the case, i'd rather mud on telnet without aliases than having to bear any more lag than absolutely necessary.


From: Beam Saturday, March 29, 02:15AM

Isnt this mud on a 486 or something? maybe we should pitch in and get a sun sparc 10 er something.

From: Irony Saturday, March 29, 04:30AM

aliases would be cool, but if you're complaining about being at a disadvantage in something like pkill (someone made that comment), there are ways around it.

all i know is that the former howard/peleg and myself have had quite a bit of experience fighting on 2400 lines with horrible servers that left us link-dead more often than not and of course, we've been client-less as well.

we were both known to be able to get around quite well in the pkill world.

as for traversing the mud, it's a little annoying to have to type everything to get from say, tara to agrabah, but it's not too tough.


From: Lagmonster Saturday, March 29, 02:40PM

Also, maybe it's just my stinkin zMUD, but I know clients themselves to lag a bit, especially when you rig em up with triggers and whatnot. For me, I cannot chase somebody after they flee, because my client has a tendency to lag in combat (or rather, just after combat is broken) and stuff. I'd say being clientless has its own advantages in pkill, but as far as traversing goes, yeah, clients are cool :P


From: Dhak Saturday, March 29, 05:54PM

If u haven't got a client, get one.. if you're computer's too slow, get a new one or upgrade it. Aliases alone aren't enough, if i couldn't use a client I wouldn't MUD at all.


From: Pegasus Saturday, March 29, 08:51PM

only windows clients lag, i'm running tintin++ off a unix shell and it's pretty much lag free..

From: Lagmonster Saturday, March 29, 10:35PM

Go windows95!

-cough- -gag-


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