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Clan Passwords/Tokens

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Posted by Lagmonster on 03/30

Now that tokens decay, things have been easier (for us anyway) but can we get a GM-command which will allow us to do:

Change Clan Password.

View current Roster (whoever that is clanned in their clan)

That way we could easily change clan passwords every now and then and inform our members of the change (also, it could be done so that the clan has to pay 1mil gp or something whenever they want to change their clan password)

More things I can think of are, say, bandage sellers that costs 10k or so per RL day (or whatever price deemed necessary) and stuff to reward active/populous clans.


From: Beam Saturday, March 29, 10:41PM

lag you must be midas in disguise whenever you some theoritical price for something I start having chest pains.

From: Ptah Sunday, March 30, 10:01AM

Change clan password is unfortunately something fairly difficult to implement as the passwords are currently hardcoded into each mobs' acts. It's a pain right now to change them, period. :P

View current roster is something we very much want to do, and have tried in the past. It woul dbe easy to do it for online players only, and much harder to do it for offlines as well, because a scan of the player directory takes a good five minutes. So that means we'd have to keep a separate roster file per clan. That means that every action that can remove a player from a clan (automatic purging, playerdeletion, etc) would need to update that file as well. Since purging is done by a shell script, that gets tricky. :)

Lastly, I dunno about the bandage sellers. :)

See the next post for some ideas I'd like to float about a possible new way to do clans.



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