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new emote idea

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Posted by Tsukuyomi on 04/01

I think if you do an emote, such as "emote dances on top of Tsukuyomi" the 'tsukuyomi' part should be replaced by 'you' to the person who you are doing the emote to...

so if someone ted 'emote dances on top of Tsukuyomi', it should show as 'person dances on top of you' to me...I don't have any clue whatsoever for coding this stuff...but just an idea.


From: Threshold Monday, March 31, 11:00PM

Although it'd be quite fun to fool around with if implemented, I'd think it'd also open up whole new dimensions to taunting and harrassment in general.

From: Lethargio Tuesday, April 01, 12:09AM

you can do that in tells too, I don't see any difference in that...
you can also do that in normal socials too...

my $0.02...


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