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Posted by Manic on 04/07

I was recently told stunning someone while fighting a mob then casting spells on them was exploiting a bug, the noise spell was changed so it'd wake stunned as a certain clanned was using this frequently. He perma'd because of this without too many complaints as it kinda made sense that the "noise" spell would wake but why weren't other spells changed too if it really isn't a feature but a bug? A mage should be able to get by without a weapon anyway. -shrug- If this isn't allowed why are other tactics (which work even better) such as headbutt/calm backstab/calm where one can kill just about anything or anyone without being hit allowed?

Another thing, i've seen many clanned grouping with unclanned of late, sometimes the clanned being crucial to the group where if the clanned is killed the rest are seriously at risk as well as the simple fact of the unclanned being inconvenienced and possibly held up for long periods of time. Sometimes you may want a mob they're killing to do most the work and inspire the clanned but the unclanned are helping by killing the mob or even might have triggers set for the clanned to calm on headbutt etc.. who's interfering with who here? and is it ok to recall the unclanned who're in some way assisting the clanned?

I also have a problem with the recent removal of my satire skill without prac point reimbursement simply because i used the skill on people randomly.. sure it may have been "anti-social behaviour" but why should one be discriminated against just cos they occasionally wanna take out their frustrations on the innocent? after all.. we do that continually to gain levels don't we? hmm, i gotta come up with 1 decent argument.. how about the fact my warn list is still empty, how could that be? I've lost a prac point and been deleted twice. -ponder- Surely the IMM could have said "stop that or lose you're ability to use it"?

- Manic the spooky

From: Lagmonster Monday, April 07, 01:35AM

I have no clue who said stunning, then casting a spell was a bug. I always thought it was a FEATURE, just like doing double damage on a stunned mob with your stabs/slashes/bludgeons. I am personally upset that the noise spell wakes stunned mobs--if the mobs/players are sometimes too dazed to wake them up, it shouldnt automatically wake the mobs up, nor, I don't think, should it break a paralyze ( something induced by a warcry, for example) as it has nothing to do with 'noise' per say...dang. interrupted by a tell.brb.

From: Beam Monday, April 07, 01:53AM

Lots of things don't make sense here, like blind mobs being able to attack you. Why get into all of this, doesn't seem that complaining or suggesting helps, but the imms are doing it the way they want. What i like about this mud is the social aspects, balance of different type of players etc. Seems pretty clear that rp and social aspects are always considered before hack and slash aspects. If your concerned with pure gameplay there are a few class based muds that are good, but this mud attracts a good balance of the killers, adventurers, rpers as described in the survey at

Maybe you have to break a few eggs...

From: Beam Monday, April 07, 02:13AM

hrm will try to put the site address up again

From: Beam Monday, April 07, 02:15AM


From: Lagmonster Monday, April 07, 08:09PM

Yeah, took me a while to get back, but cont'd from prev appnd.

Anyway, I do think noise waking stunned is rather silly, just as much as i think sloth breaking a paralysis is silly. When those spells are obviously better invoked when the target is stunned, I'd think that they should keep the target stunned, or at least provide enough damage to make up for waking them up. If the waking a stun was considered a 'balancing' feature, I guess I'll buy that, but at least, such changes should be announced. Heck, I was about to see if I could create a lvl 5'er who would consistently solo Diancecht and stuff... well, if the noise spell wakes the silly mob, there goes that idea...

Anyway, regarding changes.. I seriously think that they should be discussed with players. Or at least give us an indirect warning of some sort. My newbie died several times or was put in serious jeopardy couple times because I was expecting the headbutt deal to stick... and it's kinda frustrating to learn that it wasn't mere coincidence that the dumb mobs woke up.

As far as the clanned/unclanned deal goes, I'd like to think that the unclanned should be able to interfere with the clanned to a certain extent. Maybe not healing, waking, curing blindness or anything, but leading ppl back if they're already grouped, and maybe even opening doors and stuff.


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