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lvl 50 blues

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Posted by Beam on 04/12

well thats one complaint i have, how every word in desc was made to be keywords, i get massive ammounts of tells for jim southland, note big and southland are keywords also for him, but i hear telling to mobs will be removed maybe.

What i was starting to say before i stopped to see if my triggers were appearing on the board was, i hear quite a few level 50's complaining, about being bored and stuff, and 100 mill xp giving no benefits.

Why not add some skills or a spellword that is either lvl 50, or 100 mill only, I had also mentioned on chat about adding a level 51, but there seemed to be some misunderstanding. Imm say it be too much of advantage fo high level chars to do stuff like this. Personally i don't see how anyone could argue that point, as lvl 15, 25 limits on spells, skills are the same thing in my mind. As for it unbalancing the mud somehow, it would be up to you immorts to keep whatever was added balanced.

The only way to reward 100 mill is to give them something others don't have access too, and i don't giving them a whois or a title will help lower the boredom for them much. I think it all stems from the fact, from the mud as a game only way of looking at it, the game is basically over. So they either have to just help other ppl or rp.

On a side note i would just like to say, just because im clanned doesn't mean whenever i suggest something that i want to use it to kill ppl. Not saying everyone thinks that, but it happens some.

From: Ptah Sunday, April 13, 11:30AM

The problem with adding additional game features that only show up at level 50 is that it becomes a never-ending arms race. Soon the characters play with the level 50 addition, beat it, and run out of game again. Then the immortals have to add more stuff for the level 50s to do. We already suffer from this proibem too much for my taste--we spend probably half our building time catering to level 45+, when the chunk of levels that badly need more stuff to do is levels 15-30.

On most muds that suffer from this "arms race" problem, it gets far worse than it has here because they do not have equipment guidelines. So stuff t goes in it usually totally unbalancing. I'm not nearly as worried about balancing as I am about what I'd call "Renedage Outpost syndrome"--where t only fun stuff to do is AFTER you reach level 50, so people rush to level 50 and only then can they get into most of the areas and live. Seems to me that if you hit that point, you may as well throw out levels 1-49 and renumber starting at 50. :)

Anyway, areas like Hell, Shadowlands, etc, are a sign that we do have things that cater to level 50s--but if there were more than that, more than the proportion level 50 takes up out of the level scale, I'd worry that we were spending too much time trying to find things for the people who've beaten the game to do.

As far as the tells thing, yeah, we plan to remove tells to mobs. Should help your problem, Beam. :)


From: Manic Sunday, April 13, 10:45PM

I recall long ago complaining about once off quests for items and suggeste a better solution would be for these items to be placed on tough mobs that couldn't be solo'd.. well, the Dis keeper is a pretty good example of that but Shadowlands, that seems just a little tough, i mean there's no way a clanned should rely on eq from that place, not only are shadowlands trips rare but you've gotta be lucky if not more than 1 person wants the same it that you do, this wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take so long as you can' really say ok, I'll just help this time round but I get the item next time as you still need like 8 people to do the area.. now if that was cut down to being possible with say 4 people, most clans would be able to handle it another option, cut the ammount of pkill clans to 4 or 5, this would help in other areas too as many won't even play their clanned without the suppo of other members, when they do.. well, they're often double teamed etc cause just more problems.

From: Lagmonster Monday, April 14, 11:23PM

I think lvl 50's should be able to given a way to earn coupons independently from trivias, tags, etc. Maybe give us a weekly/monthly contest/polling theme where we'll award 3 coupons to the top 3 lvl 50's in that week/month's theme or something. For me, after reaching lvl 35 or so, there does not seem to be enough new developments in your character that you can utilize, especially if spamming becomes ineffective


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