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Posted by Beam on 04/13

Well this might not be popular hehe, cuz everyone knows newbie movement is a pain, but! the mud duris i been playing you start with anywhere from 100 to 120 movement depending on race, and you never get anymore! Theres a lot more plus movement eq there, so you can raise it 30 or so pretty easy, but its still a pain.

Compared to this mud anyway, movement is kinda a joke here except for low levels, having over 500 movement and getting 100 back every tick seems a bit much. Making it so you dont get moves when you level, would add a bit more gameplay, make spells like fly much more powerful, and would allow some other skills to be added maybe, some kinda ranger skill that cut movement costs in half maybe.

High levels would still have an advantage because they would have better access to spells and skills that help on the movement problem.

Its kinda funny i get frustrated playing other mud because its harder to level the higher you get, whereas its the opposite here where i learned to mud and always spent all my time.

From: Ptah Sunday, April 13, 11:37AM

Remember that movement, like hit points, and like mana, is going to be based on your current stats under skill trees. You'll find it feels very different...

We think that the new Xp scale and combat routines will go a long way towards fixing the "get easier as you go" problem. We're thinking now of doing a gradual rollout of skill trees so that some features can go in by themselves, so that you guys do not have to wait as long. So some of ths may go in in the current mud.



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