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Posted by Daer on 04/14

Just a few ideas about the current currency and problems/good things about it........

1) I think it would be cool to be able to obtain bills from banks that would be a substitute for a large amount of coinage.. with a % taken off for commission

2) I think coinage/bills should be able to be placed in containers as they are not now and some that wear containers could cut down on the weight if they could wear them

3) anyone have any more cool ideas about what legend can do with their currency? One last one i have is to split it into coins of different value if you dont want to do the bill thing like copper/gold/etc


From: Ptah Monday, April 14, 10:55AM

Under skill trees, areas can have different currencies, and I think we are treatng currency as an actual item, instead of a phantom item like it is now.


From: Gail Monday, April 14, 02:40PM

yeah, what ptah said. 'cept I know that they'll be items, tho they will be a little different than other items, in that you won't need to use up 100 of your inventory "slots" to hold 100 gold coins, it'll just be a single "100 gold coins" item that you'll be able to split up...


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