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Posted by Mina on 04/18

I was just thinking, how come we don't have a disband command here, since have seen it on many other muds, and it would be useful since you wouldn't have to tell everyone to follow self when you are done with a group, and i would also be useful if someone who was following you goes LD, or they are following you and you don't want them to.

Just my 2 cents.


From: Ptah Tuesday, April 15, 06:22PM

How exactly would you like it to work?

From: Mina Tuesday, April 15, 07:51PM

Ok, well you are leader of a group, and you are done with what you are doi or whatever, then you simply type and everyone stops following and leaves your group, simple as that.


From: Benedick Tuesday, April 15, 09:29PM

only problem with that is some ppl follow someone before blinding them etc, so you could disband to stop ppl from following, but allowing someone to follow you should have a consent command involved, and shadow skill for pkilling.

From: Ptah Wednesday, April 16, 09:19PM

A stalk skill is already coming in skill trees.

From: Typ Thursday, April 17, 05:29AM

I thinks what Mina is after is a better way to group. One some muds they allow people to stop following you but still be in the same group. (one person is head of group and they can group before someone follows them) Disband would ungroup everyone in group. I think it would be nice to maybe have something like a consent command to be able to group someone instead of having to follow them.. (a group doesn't always have to be following the leader and still be part of a party)ie: consent test test can group me now .. following is optional Typ

From: Sabella Friday, April 18, 03:42PM

One system that seems to work well is to "create" a group (they call them parties on one of the muds that use it), ie, one uses a command "create party to start a group, party invite" to invite players to join, and party join to join if you want to. If one tries to follow and there is no party, it says "I'm sorry but isn't accepting followers right now. Party remove " removes a single player and "party disband" disbands the whole group. People do not need to follow to be part of the group and "party follow" automatically follows the leader. The leader can be changed after the group is formed, without disruption ("party leader hands over leadership), and players can set position within a group (could be really cool for positional combat) with "party place

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