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Pets for RP!

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Posted by Daer on 04/21

I think it'd be cool if the Imms would allow one roleyplay string per character to allow people to have a pet or silly object or something they could use to roleplay.. (all on smudges of zip or something not on real eq).. just to encourage RP. Doesn't even need to be a pet.. could be something just for RP.

another lamer from daer

From: Mondain Saturday, April 19, 11:13AM

I agree with Daer, why shouldnt we be allowed one strung zip after like level 40 or something. It wouldnt be too much work considering how many pr imms there are now and considering the demographics of the level 40+ players. I dont agree that ALL players should get a strung zip, but high levels should in my opinion.

From: Lethargio Monday, April 21, 04:58PM

I like the idea of letting all high levelers at least string their weapon...because thats the thing that they use most and would cirtainly add a rp value to them...



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