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Capture the Flag idea

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Posted by Croaker on 04/20

What would people think about a pkill version of Capture the Flag ?

It could be run as a modified game of recall tag with 2 teams of pkill-enabled persons and flags at opposite ends of HOL.

First team to capture a flag and bring it back to their base uniting both flags there wins. Dying or recalling yourself puts you out of the competition. No recalling other players, no looting, XP losses of course would count.

All tactics legal within those broad restrictions.

Just an idea,

From: Benedick Sunday, April 20, 06:35AM

Not a bad idea taken alone i think, but when you consider 1 mil xp you should remember.

1. Hard to get this xp without good eq.
2. Fightings not very fun here without eq.
3. Pkill often will destroy eq in one fight or even one round.
4. Theres DT's to hit while getting this eq and xp.
5. Usually there are prizes of all sorts available like coupons for anyone that wants to ask around and find someone that needs help with something.

It still might be a cool game just thought i would point out some things chant meue drva ex xp lossses since you mentioned it.

From: Lust Sunday, April 20, 12:55PM

Yeah, there's like, a dozen dt's in HOL! Bad idea, croaker!

Seriously, though, I like the idea, it sounds fun. Even with the threat of scrappage, it's a fun idea.

From: Lethargio Sunday, April 20, 07:12PM

the idea sounds good, but how are you suppose to stop the person once he/s he has the flag? I mean, you could make a trigger where you automatically pick up the flag when you see it, and just flee to your base.

don't think you can kill the person to get the flag back when their fleeing around...

From: Solomon Sunday, April 20, 10:45PM

One problem I can immediately see is that many people have clients and auto hunt triggers. An easy strategy would be to have someone at the base as a hunt target, grabbing the flag and auto-hunting home. You can add sneaking or invisibility to complicate things. So the home team would have to be able to hold the flag, not merely defend it. Then you can't just gra it, you gotta kill someone for it. (or steal it! -grin-)


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