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Posted by Lethargio on 04/29

In legend, if you are a fairly high leveler you don't give a crap if its night or day, because you have a permanent light source. I don't e ven bother checking the time most of the time because it is lmost useless to bring back the 'night' feeling in the mud, I thought of several solutions:

1 most easiest solution is to remove the slot, but create mages would complain about their orbs and imms would have to deal with people who have strung world peaces.

2 make it so that in the night, you will have a harder time seeing things. such as, if someone leaves or enters the room, it would only display as 'Somebody leaves east', or if someone does an action, if you are not group ed with them, it would only display as "somebody does so and so" (this can be prevented by maybe a 'watch' command, which would enable you to see what the person is doing if you have a light.) maybe this is where night v ision could be a bit more handy (lets you see socials)

3 the last idea I have would probably not be the most popular idea. it is to actually reduce the amount of perc that you have during the night if you don't have night vision after the perc loss, then the light would only make the room a semi-lighted room, (like Southland's room) except for that you can see your items and not anything on the ground.

These are only suggestions...I think when its night time, you should be able to tell the difference between night and day

I remember as newbie that night time had a kind of 'feeling' that it was out side


From: Lagmonster Friday, April 25, 03:13PM

Maybe those of you with 50+ perc with night vision might not notice the difference, but for me, night is still night. Most of the time, I can 'feel' that it is night when certain gates are closed, certain shopkeeps annoy me, or when certain mobs go agg on me.

From: Lethargio Saturday, April 26, 03:04AM

I know that, but if you were to hang around the desert with a perm light source then you would NEVER know the difference, except when the moon comes out or you type "time" I think night suppose to be...uh, dark? Leth

From: Lust Saturday, April 26, 12:08PM

Well, we have lights so it's not dark at night. Duh.

From: Lethargio Saturday, April 26, 03:54PM

well, its not like a lamp can light up the whole room, duh

From: Lagmonster Saturday, April 26, 07:26PM

really bright light. but seriously, with skill trees, i'm sure something could be coded regarding position so that there will be parts of the room that are in "shadows," allowing people to sneak up on people. Heh, although i think it'd be a coding nightmare to calculate shadows for every light source in the room, a simplified version could be interesting, nonetheless

From: Lethargio Saturday, April 26, 07:46PM

-nod lag- yeah, something like that would be nice to add a dark feeling, you know? maybe with more lights in the room you'll be able to see more, or somethin like if you were alone in one room with a lamp, you might miss some items that are fallen on the ground, something like that

From: Jabbar Sunday, April 27, 04:11AM

i just want to say that i've never seen lethargio and lagmonster ever agree on anything before.

From: Lethargio Sunday, April 27, 07:09AM


From: Daer Tuesday, April 29, 07:00AM

mebbe those mage spelsl arealighten and areadarken and shadowroom would finally be of some use if stuff like this went in -daer


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