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dert bags vs. backpacks

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Posted by Elidan on 04/30

I've got a dert bag in my inventory.. and I'm wearing an open backpack.. "l in pack" hits the dert bag, which I think is silly.. but even worse.. "l in 2.pack" gets a message about you don't see that here or something.. is it a problem with the dert bags, or the backpacks or what? when I'm not wearing the pack, then 2.pack works.. eli

From: Lagmonster Tuesday, April 29, 12:57AM

l in backpack works for me.

From: Elidan Wednesday, April 30, 09:35AM

Duh. Wonder of wonder, that works for me too, but the reason I posted on the board, is to ask why the OTHER way doesn't work. get bandage backpack is four extra keystrokes when we're in the midst of battle and I'm trying to make poultices.

From: Lagmonster Wednesday, April 30, 02:35PM

much like the way things don't work right when there is a dropped bag, and you are holding 2 bags in your inventory, or when you are wearing something that has the same keyword as the thing on the ground and in your inventory. Dunno why it doesn't work, but as long as there's a way around it.

From: Lust Wednesday, April 30, 09:42PM

Use aliases! :)


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