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Posted by Lethargio on 05/18

in the last pk meeting (first too, actually) a idea was brought up that every clanned should have a strung smidge of zip for rp reasons... any responce to that anyone?


From: Daer Tuesday, April 29, 07:02AM

I think everyone should get one even the unclanned (see prev post) :P


From: Lagmonster Tuesday, April 29, 01:14PM

i think everyone should be given 100 all stats, so they can RP anything they want. Oh yeah, don't forget to give us 500hp/mana, too.

From: Lethargio Wednesday, April 30, 01:32AM

thats a hell of a lot of workload for pr imms to be stringing tons of zips for people I mean, for all unclanned and clanned especially when you are able to have multipul chars if they are unclanned

From: Mina Saturday, May 03, 02:26PM

Hey Lag What about all the people with more then 500 hp/mana which isn't very uncommon nowadays. =P

Mina (who is really bored)

From: Sabella Saturday, May 03, 07:52PM

PR will string zip for role-play scenarios for clanned or unclanned. If you have a scenario that requires something (like Fraegis and the piece of vampire heart, etc) let us know you need it. We aren't, however, able to just string what amounts to a clan token for everyone in an RP or PK clan. That's a bit much :).


From: McDougan Sunday, May 18, 12:35PM



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