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Posted by Typ on 05/06

I know there is a spell called 'empathy' which enables people within a 10 level range and people that are good to basically take on the damage a mob does to a person. I think there needs to be a empathy like spell for mana.. whatever a person casts the mana will be taken from the person who cast the mana empathy spell.. i know it'd get used more freequently than empathy (not many good people out there and not many that want to share hps with a chance of dying..etc.. the 10 lvl limit kind of stinks too)


From: Daer Friday, May 02, 04:43AM

I think empathy itself needs to be changed. It would be good in fights if a person could use it to help tank or whatever. but no.. it can only be cast if the caster is good and if you can fight the person you need empathize with.. um what good is this? to protect a mob from someone? heh silly


From: Ptah Friday, May 02, 04:46PM

I think the idea is, you empathize with the tank of your group, and thus help him with your hps. :)

From: Zak Saturday, May 03, 04:23AM

You can't empathize with your tank unless your both clanned. Help empathy says that you can only empathize with peopel you could normally fight. Thats dumb

From: Gail Saturday, May 03, 07:03PM

I think the level/clan limits were put in to keep unclanneds from casting it on their clanned buddies, so their clanned buddies could go off and pkill, with a safe reserve of unclanned hps they can borrow.

From: Daer Tuesday, May 06, 12:12AM

I dont think that its fair to put clanned restriction ont he spell. Why not just have a check that doesn't let unclanneds cast it on clanneds or when pkill starts give a message to whoever is casting the spell that you can no longer empathize with or whatever.. it would be a really fun spell if more people could use it :/. I think the original solution just needs to be looked at once more.



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