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Posted by Malthus on 05/05

Here are a few ideas i thought i would put down before i forgot them, concerning a couple of areas i have run into lately...

1. Make maps (such as those given to newbies of their home towns) available for purchase in OOC, or in the inns of those towns... to assist Newbie exploration.

2. To balance the loss of snipe, perhaps gun damage could be increased, or alternatively a new high per skill added, called "Sixth Sense", that will allow you to sense when you are being hunted or when there is an invis/hidden item/mob/char in your room. E.g "You sense you are being hunted" or "You sense a hidden presence".

3. Another suggestion i have involves the disproportionate strength of magic stun. Perhaps a new herb could be added that gives a potion/poultic (preferably a potion) of Magic Sink. Or a new item that could do the same thing, high rent or difficult to get, or taking a prominant place (like an ear) or be non-rentable or timed, or any combination of the three etc.

4. This may have been mentioned before, but what about a coupon to each character when they reach level 50? to aid Role-play.

I am not a coder, so i don't know if any of these are practical, but thoug i would put them down anyway, maybe i will get a coupon if they are used..

Malthus... please comment... ;)

From: Darkfriend Sunday, May 04, 05:24AM

Guns still do plenty of damage

From: Malthus Sunday, May 04, 12:20PM

If no-one comments on whether they like the ideas, i will never get my coupon, so put your comment down!! ;)


From: Malthus Monday, May 05, 08:35PM

And another ideas for druids, when we rent or offer, is it possible to be able to bunch up the herbs like they appear in the derts? because i have 3 derts and my offer message goes on for about 10 minutes...


From: Lethargio Monday, May 05, 10:46PM

guns don't do much damage now, but when the trees come it will do consider ably a lot...(i heard of a rumor of guns doing 40-50 damage long time ago, but after trying every high damage gun, it just wont do that much)



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