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XP loss in Pkill

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Posted by Bulk on 05/07

Would it be too radical to suggest we eliminate xp loss from pkills altogether? There is enough loss involved in regen time, loss of prestige, plastering your name on info, as well as fleeing xp loss that can amount to 100-200k on a long battle. As the pkill environment is movi towards no-looting, and more of a friendly atmosphere, not having xp loss shouldn't hurt any but those out to set other players back by killing them If no xp loss is too radical, how about losing only as much as you give th other players? When a lvl 50 player only gives you 70k or so, losing 1mil in one death seems very unreasonable, and forces clanneds to rely on mob hunting too much. Making the pkill community self-sufficient xp wise woul would, imho, make things more fun, and allow ppl to RP large scale wars th last couple RL months :P


From: Manic Tuesday, May 06, 02:54AM

something definately needs to be done, i'm not even gonna making another clanned as for 1. he won't last long as i enjoy pkill too much to not go attack someone the moment he's healed and secondly most clanned just go into hiding when random killers are out to avoid the huge xp loss if they're killed.

somehow i doubt this'll help the argument any but the xp loss is way too harsh, especially now without wells or sancs.

From: Haul Tuesday, May 06, 02:29PM

Just as another suggestion. Once skill tree gets implemented, could the deaths affect skill proficiency? Xp loss, clanned or unclanned is pretty steep (more so for clanned, as dying is far more common) and ... what am I babbling about... never mind.

From: Manic Wednesday, May 07, 04:53AM

I've also noticed most will try'n avoid pkill til they reach 50. Surely this alone indicates either the xp loss needs looking into or perhaps even allow one to clan at 50 (or 100 mil).


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