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Posted by Lethargio on 05/14

I think weapons on this mud are too, what do you call it...hmm, dunno the word, well anyway, I think its that everyone is too dependant on one weapon. wormy for dex, that spear thingie for str (forgetting names here...), and other staffs for con (like I said I'm forgetting the item names :P) so there isn't much viriety, as far as weapon goes.

well I dunno about other weapons other than dex, so lets start with that:

Most people choose the wormy because its a weapon that can hit a lot, give s a good amount of stats, and has an effect to it.

what happened to the serpy, or jeweled dagger, or other types of weapons t hat gives good effects? (like that terror giving one)

most people ignore them because either they don't give enough attacks or t don't give stats...I think what they should do is remove the "quality" thi from weapons so theoretically you could hit 9 times with a small dagger...

I mean if your a good fighter, the weapon shouldn't inhibit you from attacking a lot and stuff...

one more thing:

either all (or those high rent) weapons should be giving a decent amount o stats, OR remove all stats from weapons...oops that should be 'given', but thats ok

something like that, to further enhance rp, players should be given a viri of weapons instead of everybody just having one


From: Darkfriend Tuesday, May 06, 12:13AM

Other than str weapons, which are way overpriced rent-wise, and lacking +stat variety, i think we have plenty of weapons in the mud. Just that like any other slot, ppl shy away from weapons that don't give +5 net, or deprive them of the nifty looking 9 swings.

I really would like the str weapons to be downgraded in their rent, and since the heavier weapons are really independent of quality anyway, not charge any extra rent for quality. Last i checked there even was a q4 dagger that was under 100 rent! We need those for str fighters too.

Oh yeah, since the cudgel of light is a relatively low-lvl spell, maybe there should be some percs to the flaming sword... let's have it flamestri speaking of, when are you guys going to fix the trident so that we can see when it immolates?

From: Asilidae Wednesday, May 14, 11:38AM

Its almost funny seing people complain about these weapon stats/rent/quali This mud is for DEX fighters only -- Str weapons got low quality/high rent and con eq got high rent and its impossible to get the best con weapon. Str fighters can just walk in and grab their Trident.

But remember that dex fighters dont have a weapon with flamestrike/immolat Like Arkenstone wrote in his text about the combat system you should choos dex and perc high because thats all your fightabiblity depends on.

Well as I hear all this will be dealth with under skill trees, so I wont complain any more...


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