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The Gradual Depreciation of Items

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Posted by Daer on 05/15

I think the title is self explanatory :P. Its hard enough when you need good stats to do things on the mud and they keep putting in new items and ther good (or some of them :P) because they offer stats that that slot has never been able to offer.. and then suddenly they go out of the game and come back in depreciated and even a -1 more can make them terrible. I had eq lined up to get 100dex/mind 40per/con/spi and 25 str and way underrent. Then i found one of the 'new' items i was using had been depreciated and I had to hack my brains for another way and finally end up using an alternative that put me only 400$ underrent, compared to my 2900$ underrent set up with the 'new' item. It ticked me off and it is not the first time i have been disappointed. Anyone else feel this way? BTW: the item was a pair of spectacles. no stats on public boards, but there is only one +5 overall face item and its only good if your looking for that particular stat. So why depreciate it? Especially since its on a tough mob? Beats me!


From: Lethargio Saturday, May 10, 04:21PM

nod, there should at least have a +something for all stats on all slots, i think (even if its not +5 of the stat)


From: Lagmonster Saturday, May 10, 06:55PM

heh, if we start whining about items, not many can beat us str fighters... for the ring, face, neck, arm, leg there are none i know that give +5 or more str while still being +5 net, and it is quite hard to juggle equip as a str fighter, because those +str are quite rare... on top of that, most +str will be way overpriced--the chinese medallion, for example, for a +3 netstat item, unrepairable, pretty -cough- hard -cough- mob, it is waaaaay overpriced, and its -stat makes it quite useless for a warrior type. Not to mention the str weaponry, which rarely gives any stats, and if it does, it's either EXTREMELY hard to get, and/or waaaay overrent again.

On top of that, quite a few str equip are align restricted, and mutually exclusive to boot. The herc used to be the best str item before the changes (easy to get, low rent) and arguably the only str item that was newbie-friendly, and honestly don't think it should have been changed considering how hard it is to get other str eq..

Let's face it, +5 str equip for head is both on a tough mob, one of them align restricted and in hell (both very easily scrappable, too) for the hand, it's on one of the toughie mobs, on body it's quest, about and shield are both on a tough mob in a tough area, shoes on a tough mob (and eats it too.. heck, a lot of these things mobs will gobble), waist it's again in an unfriendly area (with high rent), held it's either on a tough mob or a slow-repop one, wielded its again a lengthy quest, wrists i don't even remember where i can find it now...

From: Rufus Sunday, May 11, 06:24AM

There will be items available in the future for slots that do not currently have +items in those stats.

If we flooded the mud with them now, new builders wouldn't have much to make. But they do need to adhere to the guideline that that item must in some way make reasonable sense. It's hard pressed to justify +mind footwear, but I'm sure there will be someday.

You have to remember that legend is in a constant state of development, and items are constantly being added.


From: Lagmonster Sunday, May 11, 03:12PM

-model shoes with cheat sheets- -cackle-

From: Rufus Sunday, May 11, 05:59PM

Cheat Sheets? So if you get caught wearing them, they become +stupidity and +embarassment =P

From: Sandra Sunday, May 11, 10:04PM

Um, to clarify things. The item mentioned in the original post has had the same stats since it was put in. There's been no change to it, so whoever told you the other stats, is the one you should complain to.


From: Zak Monday, May 12, 04:42AM

Doesn't matter about that particular item, many more have been changed and if one of those would have been used it would still have the same message.

Just a thought

From: Lethargio Monday, May 12, 09:45PM

I would like to see some more -mind and -str items in the future... oh nothing, just blabbing to myself...


From: Daer Tuesday, May 13, 09:55AM

there is such an extreme lack of -mind its terrible for people who need stats other than mind and have naturally high mind. -comfort- alls i can say is pick it last! sepcially with that one quest that boosts a certain stat that many types dont need. -xxx gear is also really needed, although a lot of great -xxx gear has just come out.

daer stops himself and his complaining, just a note and a thought

From: Lagmonster Tuesday, May 13, 01:28PM

last i checked, there were loads of -mind gear, and tons of -str gear. just that those with such -'s dont have the right +'s :P

i'd personally like to see -spr/min, or somehow being able to choose whether we want lopside rolls or even rolls in chargen.

From: Daer Wednesday, May 14, 04:01AM

believe me, ther aren't loads of -mind gear out there compared to the loads of -other stat gear out there

From: Asilidae Wednesday, May 14, 11:51AM

Oehh...I would like some +100 con -100 spirit and +100 mind -100 spirit and +100 dex -100 spirit......

To be honest I think this discussion is getting out of hand...

In my opinion its pretty easy to get 100/100 40/40/40 and 20 =340 in total which makes a great char for all kinds of fighttypes.

Or 100 80/80 40 20/20 (now I have covered both mages and snipers :)) And I dont think there is any problem with eq stats.

Like someone said you couldnt get str for face or something like that... well you can get alot of other good stuf for face, and you dont need +5 str in all 21 +stat slots -- actually most people only need to use like 8-10 +5 stat slots for their fightstat and the rast 11-13 slots are free for all the other stats...

So I dont think we need to get a item for all slots covering all different stats.

From: Lethargio Thursday, May 15, 01:47AM

ho hum then, -ponders what to do with his 50 mind- a londoner, btw I've been trying to get it down to 40 for that past... er, 2-3 months but can't find any decent eq to get the pluses I need. the only item that I know thats -mind and has a net gain of 5 is that earring thingie, and frankly, I don't need the cirtain stat it gives me. (thats why I wanted -str stuff, but can't find much of that either)

I'm just complaining...don't have to listen to me...-grin-



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