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Posted by Faramir on 05/16

I don't know about others, but i'm personally starting to get sick of all these measures that the immorts are taking to MAKE us group wheather we want to or not. They took out sancs and wells, and this made it hard enough to do things yourselves. AFter awhile some healers we made and it made things a bit better, but even now i offer as much as 25k i'm ignored for heals. These people want exp or both and refuse to heal m other wise. Now where does that leave me? Means i HAVE to tug these peop around because i have no choice. Sleeping for a half of an hour gives me about 200 hp, which won't help much considering i have a max of about 600 I guess my point is i think that the mud should stop trying to make us group. I myself and a loner and i like to do things on my own, with a hea here and there. Now i help many people and i get nothing in return for mo of it, and thats fine, but this is just starting to get on my nerves and thought i'd voice my opionon:) Sorry to take your time.


From: Lust Wednesday, May 14, 08:30PM

There's lots of other ways to get healed besides asking healers for help. Search around, there's several ways available for free.

From: Lagmonster Wednesday, May 14, 08:39PM

ok, now that i read it. healing IS painfully slow, and is going to be worse once trees go in, as i personally won't be able to use my spam gear. my characters find it extremely hard to find healers, and mobs, items, etc just don't cut it because they come far and few inbetween. The only viabl means i see (ability to get heals pretty quickly) are those that rely on spam eq for semi-surgeon, being a surgeon, being a spell slinger with medi meditate, being able to root, or slugging 100 spr... there need be, i thin some way to speed regen, or at least allow certain channels to be usable while sleeping. maybe a dream channel.. i would even spend another prac to speak while sleeping ;)


From: Manic Wednesday, May 14, 11:32PM

I agree with Faramir and it's not just getting a heal that's the prob. There is not 1 type of of character who can get by without others help whether it be for tform, preserve, praise (which shouldn't grant extra rent or be lost completely fleeing from 1 lowly mob), or even learning spell words at a low level. There's no way you can make a decent 3rd circl mage without a lot of help. It's near impossible to obtain certain items without help. You're not promoting grouping, you're enforcing it.

From: Lethargio Thursday, May 15, 01:56AM

-grumble- I'm around to offer free heals ALL the time...your just not on when I'm on...concerning spamming for eq, I used to be a char who could operate and fight at the same time (with 60 perc tho), but I found that having 80 perc helped me a LOT. So now I spam for operate gear.

Well, my point is that when the trees come in, the number of surgeons will drop by a lot i think, because you wouldn't be able to spam anymore.

Unless surgeons are given some kind of skill that will help by a lot, (some ideas for that "kind of skill": less laggy entrance, better first ai for people with 50 mind/spr)...something worth losing 80 perc for. If you don't do this, then people will stick with first aid, and don't bother getting surgery gear...thus they will only fight for themselves, not for others (cuz you only can operate on others) me too, I will get rid of surgery entirely and stick with first aid if a decent skill isn't given at the time of the trees...I'm clanned, so unfortunately I wouldn't be able to devote my life helping others...

I'll have to change my desc too :P

Lethargio, member of the American Red Cross

From: Ulric Thursday, May 15, 04:40AM

I'll agree being a 3rd circle create has an advantage here, considering I heal myself easy using only around 300 mana which takes me a whole 7 or so to meditate back, but then again.. I cant fight all that well by myself..

lord ulric, the man with no point

From: Zak Thursday, May 15, 08:06AM

I know people that are great fighters (100dex/80perc) but also have surgery stats without spam.. their str/con isn't too bad either (30/30) people can't have it all. have to give and take. it just takes time and patience to plan eq and get it to all work out


From: Medman Friday, May 16, 11:12AM

I think you are wrong in many aspects. First of all, in my opinion this game is designed to be social, there are lots of other games where you can do everything alone, without any need to rely on others. Even here, you can be a lone wolf if you want to, there are many already around. You say that you need to sleep a bit longer than the healing session ? Well, something for something. I would recommend you to make a surgeon character, and see if you are happy with the current situation, or if you want to make it even harder for them. You complain that we dont take money for healing ? Well, I will heal for money as soon as I can buy levels for money :P

Dont know about the others, but I personally hate when people asking you to heal AFTER the combat is over, and got all the xp for it, expecting you to do it free becouse you are not doing anything anyway, just lying idle in the inn.

( what the hell is this Wobble doing in the middle of my post ? -boggle- :P )

I agree though, that one should be able to achieve almost everything without help, if he/she is happy to do it the harder way. Unfortunately some things in the current system are not working that way, hopefully the skilltrees will change the situation for much better.


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