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Posted by Lagmonster on 05/25

There really needs to be a skill or a factor that can balance blind out. Getting sinked doesnt help since cure blind won't cut it, and renting out i lose my sink, and/or crash into somebody that stuns me for multiple rounds ... Blind should last less turns, not e ticks, but prolly 3 combat rounds or so, and it should me momentary.

Or at least have our inventory half-visible, so we can just type quaff to quaff whatever vial we might have.

Being stunbait is one thing, being blind-bait quite another... and also... who's idea was it that potions/weapons/wands ignore sinks? I'd logically assume that if they cause the same effect, that they should be also sinkable. And i do think remove sink or remove anykind-of-magic should be implemented too.


From: Lethargio Saturday, May 17, 08:32PM

-nod lag-

Personally, I hate blind because well, its kind of a cheat. lasts forever, can't do anything if your blind...and all it does is drive people to inns so that they can cure. after the trees i heard that you wont be able to cure your stuff when renting out...blind should be changed drastically so that it isn't the only thing that would matter in pkill...


From: FireStarter Sunday, May 25, 11:48PM

Cure blind does cut magic sink.


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