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str/dex fighters

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Posted by Lethargio on 05/17

was wondering how bad a dex fighter would do against a str/dex fighter... I'm just kind of worried because with the dam cap removed, I prolly die in a few rounds against a str fighter who can land 9 attacks on me... also, will perc be more inimportant after the trees? I mean, like with all the rest of the stats being made much stronger, will the importance of perc be lost?


From: Lagmonster Saturday, May 17, 08:50PM

a str fighter with 9 attacks won't do a hell of a lot more than a dex fighter with 9 attacks unless they rewrite damroll applications. From what i heard perc is going to be thrown out the window and +hit should take its place, more or less, but probably still important for gunners and the like, It'll prolly stay important for para backstabs as well, i am presuming.


From: Lethargio Saturday, May 17, 08:56PM

geeze, i never get para backstabs when I need'em...only works on people with low perc?

From: Lethargio Saturday, May 17, 08:57PM

I heard somewhere that guns will be like a weilding weapon. Don't know if its true tho


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