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Posted by Daer on 05/30

It would be cool if the mesmerize spell could go in so that you could charm people that have either: befriended you.. or if want to install new code .. have given consent to you.. that way you could order them around and stuff.. because i know some people already have this kind of code in their clients, i think it would be cool for everyone to be able to use though


From: Ptah Tuesday, May 20, 09:15AM

I am sort of confused. Charm is a really nasty thing to do to another player, and you want to make it happen to those you befriend? Or do you mean, what you want is to be able to create "botted" groups, where you group with friends who are afk?

Personally, I find the latter to be something I'd like to discourage, because a mud full of automated people is a mud with less people on it, and therefore less fun.


From: Daer Wednesday, May 21, 03:04AM

Well of course this would only go for those not clanned.. cause mesmerize would be a bit powerful for clanneds..

From: Pegasus Wednesday, May 21, 03:56AM

Daer was talking about how others use clients to set up triggers and the like, so that their friend's can control them for whatever purpose, and he thought it'd be nice if everyone could do that, without having to use a client. People will make themselves 'automated' whether a feature is created for it or not, he was suggesting that it'd be nice if those not able to create triggers could also take advantage of it, but i guess it's tough luck for them eh?


From: Kadiya Monday, May 26, 12:59AM

Could also be useful for people in your group who's links die in inopportune places while they're sitting/resting. Not everyone is a cause mage with a doovy recall spell...


From: Wraith Wednesday, May 28, 02:17AM

re Kadiya: A yank command would be more appropriate than changing befriend. Being able to yank group members who are sleeping or sitting wouldn't be unreasonable if you weren't fighting.

- Wraith

From: Manic Friday, May 30, 02:53PM

I had always considered that may be a problem around here.. ie. coders not given enough freedom to do what they feel without lengthy discussions slowing any progression. let em get stuck into it!

From: Manic Friday, May 30, 03:00PM

whoops.. appended to the wrong post.


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