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Posted by McDougan on 05/20

auc five Kay

I BE gattin' tired o' th' clanned thinking they be eeeveeryting. coonshideer posts 40 (Shtun be too poweerful IF th' lad ish deshtroush, hash theshe ten ootheer shkillsh.... and posht 43- Clannned getch free shtrung smidges o' zip. Get a bit o' humility, ye bashteerdsh! YE DUNNA BE EVERYUN!

From: Lagmonster Sunday, May 18, 06:44PM

guess what, mcdougan. we are also part of the mud, and get more of a chance testing skills etc., and finding out what is more powerful and what isnt. Stun is way overpowered, way risk-free, and totally unbalancin as far as i am concerned. Sheesh, stun allows wimpy mages to kill tigers and rhinos from lvls others don't even dream of, and it's oftentimes quite risk-free going after them if you know what you're doing, unlike kick/flee where a series of missed attacks can spell death. Missed stuns? think not.

From: Tank Monday, May 19, 12:57AM


if you want us to respond, write understandable. This is an ooc board for ooc conversations, loose the accent.


From: Daer Tuesday, May 20, 04:50AM

at low levels. a mage's stun is undependable. if he fails the chant he cou easily die if taking the tiger.rhino.etc and if he hasn't enough mind a backlash easily spells death whereas kick/flee only depends on whether or not you get put on your butt by a mob special or if you can flee the room. So mages dont have it all. each fighter type can kill certain types of mobs easier than others....


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