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New HOL layout

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Posted by Z'ha'dum on 05/28

Does anybody else find it kinda strange that the new HOL layout has mobs sitting down in holes in the ground ? How many museums have you been to where you go down in a hole to see the display ? How about just putting things back like they were and add on a new wing or something. Just a suggestion :P


From: Lori Monday, May 19, 08:05PM

Who said it was a hole? Could be walking up and down stairs. I thik err think people are too used to things and can't stand change, because it makes you hve to use your brain :P

I think HOL is fine the way it is, its actually very easy to find things, to get around.


From: Xatreka Wednesday, May 28, 05:58PM

Well at least, there aren't any deathtraps in there that I know of :)



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