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this new afk thing.. well heres an idea!

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Posted by Galron on 05/23

I've been thinking about the new afk code.. its really great and all for being afk, but it has an alternate use that i have found is wonderful! People tell me all the time, and while i'm spamming around what they tell me usually gets lost. Is there some kind of feature that we could enable that would keep track of oh say the last 5 tells that came through to us so after we spam we could just hit it and it would display them.. OR just keep afk code in , but add the option to see messages without taking off afk.. but clearing the message bank.


From: Tank Friday, May 23, 11:02AM

Just type afk to get your messages, and then turn it right back on :P

From: Lagmonster Friday, May 23, 08:58PM

can we get a no_display option on the afk code? so we won't actually see tells on our screens until we un-afk ourselves. As an option, not as the norm, of course, as i mostly use my afk to screen tells... (them pesky newbie-pretenders!)



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