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Posted by Istishia on 05/30

Ok i have a problem with bandages. They really annoy me because i'm not th strong and i have all the str eq i have on without spamming for it.

I don't want to spam because it will mess up my skills after skill trees.

Well anyway the bandages weigh 1kg and i can hold like 63 kg no more.

And i already have 57 kg so i can only hold about 6 bandages.

This is a huge problem for me because i am a healer and i need bandages wh xp running or healing in a group i just run out and it gets annoying going back and forth from hol the klein or something.

So i was wondering if you could make bandages weigh nothing like herbs sin they are only bandages and you couldn't take advantage of this by carrying million in a bag or your inventory cause you can only carry a certain ammo amount. But then the problem with that is the dert bags you could carry 50 in a dert, well you could make it so you can't put bandages in a dert or r -covered bag. Or the other solution is to make bandages a fraction cept th would take alot of coding and i don't think thats going to happen.

Well thats it and its just that its hard for me to carry around bandages.

Thanks for you time,


From: Malthus Sunday, May 25, 09:46PM

Yeah i agree... bandages weighing 1kg each is a little unrealistic... No bandage i have ever seen weighs 1kg... 10 for a kg would be better.


From: Sharri Friday, May 30, 06:27AM

-CHEER- I think everyone can agree to this one, except maybe those str fighters than can carry 40 bandages. Im in the same boat as Istisihia, cept I can carry 8. -flex- One thing Rufus has suggested is a Roll of 10 Banages that would weigh 1 kg and have 10 uses. From what I understand it would take 5 minutes to code and would be REALLY appreciated. If Im in a group, I usually get a newbie to come with me simply to carry bandages and wake the headbutters (not kidding). But this isnt always practical. Please, please, please, change this!!! For the druids at least that have to tie up gear for 100 spirit, we dont have alot of free slots to strength up too, if we want _any_ sort of options thru other stats. Anyway, this has been a peeve for quite a while, please consider.

Sharri, the helpful but weaking herbalist


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