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Posted by Radagast on 05/31

Just a few ideas to touch up spells and combat specials:

Earthquake- How about making earthquake knock everyone in the room down that is not in the casters group, along with taking damage (plus a save vs.) The only exception besides save vsing the spell would be that the spell would have NO effect on a flying person.

Gust of Wind- Shouldn't gust of wind do more damage to a flying person? And how about sending the flying person spinning out of the room in a random direction. When they land they will be knocked to the ground in a "bashed" state untill a couple combat rounds go by before they can stand. Hitting a random exit without an exit would then send the vicim into a wall doing more damamge and knocking them to the ground in THAT room.

Flying People- One would think it would be harder or impossible to bash, kick or headbutt when flying not to mention hitting in general.

Bash- you need your feet on firm ground to bash anything.

Kick- even if you managed to kick it would have no power in it.

Heabutt- more likely then not you will send yourself in loops.

It would also be harder to kick, bash or headbutt a flying person.

And if you did manage to kick or bash them then shouldn't the damage be greater? Perhaps even sending them flying out of the room as in the Gust of Wind spell idea. I mean if you flying there and someone kicks you in the head with a nice round house your going to go cartweeling through the air in the direction they kicked you.

Just a few ideas,

Radagast & Zelda

NO I am not ZELDA =P

From: Rufus Monday, May 26, 10:06PM

As of the spell update (2nd or 3rd of june) gust of wind will now do an increased amount of damage to flying people, and eathquake will set the targeted victim to sitting.


From: Brigid Tuesday, May 27, 01:13AM

I think the idea was to make the mud more balanced, not realistic. Which, btw, doesn't explain why new and more powerful spells are being cre created.


From: Tancred Tuesday, May 27, 02:42PM

One reminder :) Spells that affect all in the room but hose in the caster's group need a code that checks for newbie presence - as all who were in the recent Firestorm arguments might (or might not) agree. It -stinks- to have your level 2 killed just because you happened to walk in wounded when someone threw a room affecting damage spell.


From: Manic Tuesday, May 27, 03:09PM

I wanna see a big damage spell that works only on newbies!

From: Rufus Wednesday, May 28, 02:56AM

RE: Tancred

This should be fixed in all cases.



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