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Posted by McDougan on 05/31

By th' way, Shtun be th' ONLY good attachk shpell I hev- LITCHARALLY, nnd eef I weer t' loshe itch, I wauld be nesht t' ushelesh- nnd thatch meansh I wauld peershoonally beg all thoshe for help who griped about shtun.

From: Tank Thursday, May 29, 12:30AM

I have no idea what you just said, so i guess it doesn't matter


From: Demandred Thursday, May 29, 07:40AM

My good sirr, it is quite apparent as to what our good friend McDougan said.

He was merely commenting that "stun" was the only combat spell in his possession. And if he were to lose it due to "griping" he would personally "pester" all those responsible for his loss.


From: Erodic Thursday, May 29, 03:53PM

McDougan, can you please not use your rp language when posting on boards in the Out Of Character lounge?


From: Lethargio Saturday, May 31, 02:36PM

well gee, thats too bad, but maybe you should consider using other combat spells...I'm not really sure of magic but I'm sure theres at least some that can be a bit useful (plus, con will be better when the trees comes out anyway)


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