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Posted by Croaker on 05/31

A few of the recent posts mentioning quests and quest hints, etc., have prompted me to put in my two cents about the subject. :P

Quests are one of the coolest things on this MUD, and the builders spend a great deal of time working on them to make them challenging and rewarding, and to have quests which are doable at different skill levels and by different character types. That said, most of the quests could stand some improvement, and, undoubtedly, most of the new quests being put in with new areas will need some improvements as well. My particular gripe is with what I consider 'impossible' quests. I like very difficult quests (one of my proudest moments on the MUD was finishing the Seoni quest start to finish with no help - even if Ptah make it harder the very next day :P), but after working for 6 months or mo more on some quests and finally asking for help, I was struck with how difficult it would be to come up with the quest solution on your own (I can just imagine the creator of the quest telling one person 3 year ago, they tell 2 people, and so on until no one has actually figured it out by themselves in the entire history of the MUD :P). So I think I'll s some notes to the responsible immorts and make suggestions on those quests. Anyway, here are the points I wanted to make....

1) Immorts are always working to improve area and improve the game. Some immort is probably working on the exact quest you have a problem with right now. Since they already know how to do it, or maybe even came up with it in the first place, they may not recognize the inherent problems in it that you see. So send them a note ! Criticism like I can't do that quest, so make it easier doesn't help :P Instead, suggest how it could be done better, or differently. State your specific problem so it can be looked at and perhaps fixed.

2) I'm one of those people who thinks that all the quests should be doable by all the characters on the MUD. The opposing position to my viewpoint is that it would be nice to have quests that only a streng fighter could do, or only a druid could do, and so on. I think the stat requirements for certain quests, and (maybe ?) the skill requirements if those skills are somewhat class restricted should be looked at again with the upcoming changes in the way stats are figured (no spamming :P) What do other people think about this ?

3) Does anyone else think whois strings are becoming too spammy ? I'd like to see whois strings for the harder quests, and maybe eliminate some of the easier ones. Or maybe people really like them, and we should put in more for all the quests that don't have whois's currently. What do you think ?

Anyway, just some thoughts to stimulate discussion on this issue.....


p.s. Please son't post quest hints here, like 'Yeah, I agree with Croaker so and so quest is too hard, I can't believe we have to do so and so ! :P

From: Manic Friday, May 30, 01:21AM

All spell word teaches should give hints on where to learn other words when asked rather than leaving it up to players asking others.

From: Mice Friday, May 30, 01:56AM

personally, i cannot object to having quests be skill or stat specific - they make the quest a bit more realistic, i think. as for whois strings, i like them. not only are they neat to have, but they are also a form of clue as to the quests there are. many of them help one narrow down not only the area the quest is in, but also can point to what mobs are involved.


From: White2Guest Friday, May 30, 02:25AM

I also agree that the whois stuff is getting too spammy.

I mean, it's supposed to be something that makes you stand out, but it isn't at all. We should limit them to stuff like beowulf/seoni/tudor quests, etc. the ones that are hard to do

From: Isamu-Dyson Friday, May 30, 07:34AM

GOOD GOD MICE! Are you serious? you think this mud should be more realistic

whats the point in playing a game that mirrors life itself? we come to pla (at least some of us)in order to ESCAPE reality, not have it shoved down our throats!

As for whois strings: i like them just the way they are. I think its a small reward for the time spent compleating a quest, after all eq can be lost in a DT, but a whois string can never be lost once you have earned it, its yours forever. And nobody cant take that way from you!

Croaker, Nobody said quests were not cool. i just think its wrong to make them skill or stat based. there is a fault i see inherent in this type of quest, and that is, NOT EVERYBODY cant do them!

so much for making the mud fair for everybody. if the imms are going to tr and make the mud as fair as possible, why stop at just stats skills and eq A job worth doing is a job worth finishing, no?


From: Claudia Friday, May 30, 09:57PM

Well gee Isamu, I thought this mud was based on realism? That's the theme of legendmud (or at least I thought it was), it's like a simulation of real life events. I find realism is what makes this mud great. If you want to get away from reality, you could always go beat up fido's and orgs and all those other fantasy (puke) type monsters.

What it lacks is a consistency of realism. Like, how headbutt is going to be based on con, how is this realistic? It being based on dex, and the stun on con was more realistic. Why not determine the damage of kick on spirit? And warcry on mind? Hell, spells can be determined by strength while we're at it. Yeah umm, sorry, got a little carried away there :P, but it just seems silly to make things realistic and then unrealistic to "balance" things. If it were my decision, I would have just made warcry act like headbutt, more frequent, less powerful and add a disadvantage, like losing your voice for using it excessivly, rather than giving the fighter class another stunning skill -boggle-.

Well, that's just my opinion on the matter, I'll wait for all the new skills before I comment about this again.

- Claudia

From: Densiva Saturday, May 31, 12:59PM

oh and like the sidhes and poohka and the dragon are realistic Claudia? Not it all of history has it ever been proven that such creatures existed! this mud is a still a fantasy whether you want to recognise it was such is up to you. :P

I for one know that difference, and the reality of life is that its as harsh and as terriable, as it is wonderful and beautiful. and if you want true realism, if killed somebody in real life, you'll prolly get captured, thorwn in jail and the thrown away. NOW THATS REAL!


PS oh yeah, more thing, people can cast spells? i thight they would like to. at least the WICCA think they can :P

From: Tank Saturday, May 31, 02:44PM

I can cast spells Densiva, but I'm not WICCAN, I'm just Pagan.


From: Lethargio Saturday, May 31, 02:43PM

well, at least its not like the other muds where those fantasy-like mobs are wandering all over the place...since this is the world that was t thought to be, even though those mobs never really interacted with the peo ple, they were strongly believed to exist back then.

From: Mice Saturday, May 31, 09:43PM

sidhe and pookahs were thought to be real in the ancient times - they were certainally real to those people, so they are definately not out of place here...

as for teh spellcasting and wiccans, i'm not going there. :P



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