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Posted by Myriad on 05/30

In my experience here, it seems that the negative posts are the ones that get the most responses...Thus I believe that you have reinforced thes types of posts...cuz I know I have have past posts ignored that have contained as little inflamatory information as possible... until someone put something inflamatory...Go figure

From: Isamu-Dyson Thursday, May 29, 10:58PM

-nod- myriad, but they will prolly just ignore this one too.

From: Myriad Thursday, May 29, 11:02PM

For example I am still waiting for a response to my append to message numb 10 that is currently on the welcome board...

From: Sabella Friday, May 30, 03:38AM

Actually, I very purposefully responded to Whiz's non-inflammatory constructive criticism rather than the earlier thread. Had Whiz's post not been there, I doubt I would have put my opinion up at all. Even so, I should have said more directly in response to his question, as the next post basically agrees (as do I) that we need more ways to get newbie information and quest info to new players (yes, without spamming older players who don't need it to death). If everything goes as I plan, the innkeeper in Klein will inform new players that he can provide additional information and will give informati such as how to get food/water, use mudmail, how to learn skills etc. upon request. (I hate to put up specific information like that because it' always possible it won't go as I plan :) Also, the quests in Klein will be expanded to include more newbie quests and the mobs should be more interactive and will respond to more keywords (have more hints) again, I -hope-. I'm doing the hometown update for Klein. I know other builders plan similar kinds of things for other areas, from adding more quest hints more interactive mobs across the mud :). I'm afraid I can only give general information as far as your question on the welcome board Myriad. I know you it is published and you can do a web search and get it, but not exactly what you hafta search for to find it (being as how I'm not overly good at the web). Also I believe it is contained in the various faqs for the mud newsgroups (rec.games.mud diku, rec.games.mud.admin etc.) I'm sure Ptah simply didn't see the questi as it's on an unusual thread, and there are 5 boards that immorts have to keep up with, just to keep up. (Not to mention the email lists). Some thin get skimmed. Sabella


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