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My opinion on mages..

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Posted by Ulric on 06/09

In my opinion.. I think that personally mages should have extremly powerful and useful spells at their disposal, why else does a person make a high mind character? Not to run around hack and slashing mobs but to use their magic with one other specific fighting skill during combat. So I feel that spells should be much more useful, not really stun but we should have more useful damage spells and such but we should also have major penalties on fighting. Its pretty ridiculous that I can solo level 50 mobs at level 35+ with only 100 con, and a heal spell. I can either warcry/flee till I get a para or I can fight while flamestriking, yet the warcry/flee method is easier and usually works better. In my opinion thats ridiculous. Suggestion... why not have mages be unable to carry shields, or not wear all 3 held slots. Not to hack on how unrealistic it is but you cant really shoot flames outta your fingers while wearing gloves, carrying a staff and two other items, and holding a shield. Granted the enchant wands or whatever is gonna be great, but I just think that we shouldnt be good fighters without spells, and as it is.. even with 100 mind spells, they usually arent as good as one good fighting skill. If you dont already know, most mobs have 100 mind, so I cant stun them, hence the flamestriking. just a thought on the current system.. -Lord Ulric

From: Gail Friday, May 30, 04:07AM

This should change come tuesday. The combat system changes, (especially making AC more important), will make mages spells that always hit relatively more powerful, and the damaging spells are being changed some too, to make them a little more dependant on mind to reward the high-mind mage, so this particular problem should be somewhat alleviated by the changes.

From: Manic Friday, May 30, 04:15AM

along with spells being more powerful, 3rd circle should be restricted to basic weapons training and 2nd circle advanced..

From: Ulric Saturday, May 31, 03:56AM

great... that sounds good, I'm excited about summon greater actually. -really wants a demon-

From: Daer Saturday, May 31, 07:25AM

-giggle Ulric-

From: Teki Saturday, May 31, 11:16PM

Feh! I think magic peoples have a hard enough time as it is. Why make it more difficult for them to fight? Having created several mages I can say that it's awfully hard work. Restricting 3rd circle to basic weapon training would make it impossible ;-p. Teki..

From: CLeo Monday, June 09, 11:48PM

What Ulric? "not wear all 3 held slots." Heck, that's what give alot of mages their 100mana. CLeo of the Circle of Angels


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