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fight changes and perc

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Posted by Grumble on 06/09

What role will perc play when the fight system changes? Will it be for shooting and such only?

From: Isamu-Dyson Friday, May 30, 07:29AM

why should perc matter anymore? as far as snipers concerned getting a "sni "snipe" is a VERY rare thing indeed! Gail fixed it....to well :P -Isamu

From: Zelda Friday, May 30, 11:37AM

When the change to snipe went in instant death was replaced with the chanc a one or two tick stun. The change of getting this was said to be exactly the same as before. I don't understand all this stuff about not getting a snipe as often as before. Did it get changed again? Zelda

From: Gail Friday, May 30, 02:15PM

nope, didn't change.

From: Gail Friday, May 30, 02:16PM

Perc will still be a foil to dodge, but dodge being reduced will admittedly reduce it to less of a fighting stat than str/dex/con

From: CLeo Monday, June 09, 11:50PM


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