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Posted by Ptah on 06/03

I'm working on a new command which I hope will solve some of the problems and requests mentioned above. Basically, it lets you configure a bunch more stuff about the mud to personal taste. Here's the list of things which I intend to make it do:

- Show banners or not on help files, score, and anywhere else. - Automatically show active conferences (with # on them) when you log in. - Toggle the use of brackets in score display. - Toggle between the current score display and the new proposed one. The brackets and banners toggles would work with both. - Show numbers or words for stats. - Toggle announcing levels on info automatically. - Toggle seeing level announcements on info. - Toggle announcing deaths on info automatically. - Toggle seeing deaths on info. - Toggle automatic alphabetization of WHO. - Toggle seeing tells while AFK or not. - Toggle whether a new "messages" command exits AFK or not. - Toggle whether overrent shows in your prompt or not. - Toggle whether going AFK sends notification on Info automcatially. - Toggle whether going AFK sends notification to the room automatically. - Toggle read next automatically skipping to the next post when it reaches the last append, or just stops with a message. Thanks to Beam, Galron, Lagmonster, and others who have suggested some of these features. Soon as I actually get some time at work, I'll see about adding a CONFIGURE command that lets you set these sorts of options. Oh, and for the curious, I'm planning on making the following the defaults for these toggles... - Show banners - Automatically show conferences at login - No brackets - New score display - Numbers for stats - Annlevel on - Seelevel on - Anndeath on - Seedeath on - Auto-alpha who on - See tells when afk - Messages does not exit afk - Overrent shows in prompt - AFK does not notify Info - AFK does notify room - Read next falls through to next post -Ptah

From: Celebrindal Sunday, June 01, 03:25PM

Humm...hows about a toggle tell command? :) Celebrindal

From: Ptah Monday, June 02, 02:27PM

Actually, yes, a no-tells option makes sense. I'll add it to the spec. It won't be an ignore list, though. Just no tells at all. -Ptah

From: Manic Tuesday, June 03, 12:08AM

boy, lotsa options.. how about another, (i've even tried setting this up in my client but failed miserably) :) I'd like to see levels and deaths on info but not the huge spam that follows. ie. filter out chat on the info channel.

From: Manic Tuesday, June 03, 12:14AM

oh yeah, toggling whether you're shown on the who list would be cool too.. people can still check if you're on with a tell and i doubt people would use the no-tell option as one usually doesn't wanna ignore tells from "everyone". (even me and i spend most my time OOC ignoring requests for help) -grin-


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